Wolverhampton 1-2 Liverpool analysis: Roberto Firmino sends Reds 16 points clear | Premier League


Liverpool’s march to the Premier League title continued as Roberto Firmino’s late winner vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers gave it the victory that extends their lead at the top to 16 points with a game in hand. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno and Shaka Hislop react to a tough win for Jurgen Klopp’s side who were pushed all the way by an excellent Wolves team at Molineux.

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  1. If only Mo salah passed the ball more to teammates, Liverpool would have many goals and more comfortable wins.. we need team play as Liverpool fans. See wolves game again. he didn't pass when he needed to! Faminho is a team player

  2. "I think this run is gonna end at some point". Brilliant analysis there. I was under the impression that Liverpool were never gonna lose another game for the rest of time.

  3. "It would be easy to sit there and talk about how great Liverpool are" Oh really where was that mentality when they were wanking over an average Barcelona side beating I dunno some backyard Spanish team like Osasuna or something 3-0 and saying they are unstoppable, Liverpool right now, no matter whether they are playing well or not are just winning every game, and that is down to great mentality, defensive skills as a team and coaching. These idiots considering they are ex players have no idea. Last year in the Camp Nou Liverpool played so well, really really well, but Barcelona being a good team also played well and with home advantage won 3-0 and these lot were saying that Liverpool were rubbish

  4. If salah didnt pass to others and decide to shoot and ….
    1- get goal ( we will sing mo saah song )
    2- dosent vet goal ( we. Will say. He is selfish )
    What r we ??????

  5. I can’t wait to celebrate us winning the title. I will start saving from my next paycheck😂😂 I’m not afraid to say “THIS IS OUR YEAR” anymore😃😃

  6. I disagree with Moreno even tho I was one of those people who thought it would catch up with them the reason why they looked so nervy for 15 minutes was all down how to good Wolves were. The thing is with Liverpool is they've got players that have been running for 2 years now like Robertson with a rest so they'll be a window of opportunity given to teams to attack Liverpool most teams don't use that 15 minute window well eg the lower sides, United and Spurs. Wolves used that 15 minute window very well.

  7. Ale, it does not matter. You are looking for reasons to give Liverpool a bashing. When push comes to shove, 3 points is all that matters. It's an immense strength, that when one player isn't having his best day, somebody else shows up. In a season there will be hard fought wins. Liverpool 3 years ago would have lost this one. Just shows you how far this side has come. Loving every second. May it last!

  8. Really dont get it …. beginning of the vid .. it shows the stats of both teams …. lfc was on top on all of them for fck sake…. so how did wolves even deserve a draw let alone a win by some ppl… it just seems that ppl take no notice of our chances we had but only highlight what wolves had … takes everything away from us … yes wolves played a good game but we played better and yes we deserved all 3 points … stats dont lie … and our chances was alot better then wolves but salah been selfish nearly cost us points


  10. Listen to these old fools. Liverpool apologise for winning the first 22 out of 23 games with the one draw please forgive them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. In 2nd half they were like the Cat and the Mouse. Wolves was the better team. Liverpool was again lucky. If you can't see this then go watch some basketball. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  12. Salah must learn more to be a team player….. Sometimes there are other players in better position… but he refuses to pass the ball .. Frustrating at times….

  13. well done Nicol.this yank thinks Liverpool are going to come crashing down! Theyve been conserving energy in games. Yes Salah should have put the last 3/4 games to bed early! The fact is they WIN! Wolves away is as hard a game after City away, Liverpool will play.  Liverpool in the 2 Leicester games,City,UTD etc.. they are brilliant ,they've lost 1 game in 18months in the hardest league in the world. How dumb is this yank

  14. 31 wins and got people critiquing.. Some teams would cherish, I mean they dream about a 3 match winning run.. Picking Holes. Wolves were good, but not that good, they're at home, we should have put the game away inside 20 minutes, we didn't need to chase, some players off they're game, new system tried, because of injury.. Liverpool are blowing stats out the Park. What this guy play 52 games where,, where did he play.. Jog on mate, ur too outspoken, and Stevie Nichol is way out of ur league.. BAM

  15. Robertson all over the place, Wolves goal was his mistake
    Mo was his old self again, no eyes for his teammates, extremely selfish

  16. Even if Manchester City win all of their 14 remaining matches, Liverpool will only need 1.8 points per game in their remaining 15 matches, for example 7 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses. QUICK MATHS!

  17. Oh come on. They have a bad 15 min spell of play and that means when they have their first loss, they're not going to be able to complete a pass anymore? Give me a break.

  18. Liverpool has created more chances than wolves..most the game controled possesion….while many midfielders injured its tougher to be on top top all the time….we destroyed Spurs, United, Leicester…in last month…so wolves troubled most, but still not enough…now fabinho, matip back……hope milner, keita…we rest and refocuse.

  19. Teams are going hard at us. People saying we look shakey everybody wants to be the team that breaks our unbeaten run, to beat the European champions, WC Champions and SC Champions. We're entitled to look Rocky under pressure. Not every game is going to be a breeze. But we're still winning. Some pundits are impossible.

  20. Liverpool might need a more clinical forward. The way the play atleast 1 of their forwards should have +30 goals a season

  21. "Mo Salah should be more of a team player…" so many people are saying this, on so many different videos.
    Get his GPS data from any game, and tell me he should be more of a "team player".
    He initiates majority of our pressing sequences.
    He runs off the ball to create space either for himself, or others.
    His combination play with Bobby, Mane and the midfielders, along with Trent, is second to none.
    He's a forward, near the goal, of course his 1st instinct is to create a chance for himself. The 17/18 season doesn't happen if you're not prepared to look for chances to score. I'd be more worried if he wasn't getting any sight of goal.
    I've also read people saying they wouldn't care if we sold him… spot the plastic supporter. Mo is an integral part of our team, and our front 3. Bet everyone was singing his praises when he scored against Utd.


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