Watters' World 1/25/20 FULL | Jesse Watters Fox News | January 25 , 2020


Watters’ World 1/25/20
Host Jesse Watters offers a one-of-a-kind comedic look at the latest headlines from the campaign trail
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  1. Brilliant point by Jesse at beginning of Kelly- Anne interview. Exposed demo hypocrisy with air tight argument. Also, we love the vibe between Kelly-Anne and Jesse, she is calmer with him although I must admit when this lady fires up it is actually awesome to behold so don’t stop talking to the shills and haters too Kelly-Anne

  2. The real question is this is there enough alcohol in Washington DC to keep the Dems medicated the truth comes out I can't wait till subpoenas come out for the Dems for lying under oath.

  3. If anyone thinks for one second that when impeachment is over we will all get back to the business of the people I think you are going be extremely disappointed! This will not stop! This pig will just come back with different lipstick on.

  4. CNN fake news MSNBC,NBC and others you have deceived the Amricans and the whole world you are fakes and liers a mind conditioning organisation news people ya sure you are. People better chose the news media that are honest and are real journalists. not fake news corrupted ones

  5. Good people this is a time to refocus. We all see what dishonest politicians are up too. Biden,Clinton,OBama, BUSH, none of them have a minimal sense of moral values that makes America great.NOw we need to stop being so partisan because it opens the doors to those mafia style individuals that work for there own wallets like the Clinton foundation.NOw before electing anyone in elections make sure that candidate is not a mafia mobb type of person. investigate them words are wqrds action is action. JUge the people by what they do not there nice blablabla. President Trump has shown to be different from the rest of this cabal and i hope he is the honest one he has shown to be to this day. I must say if he was attacked by the deep state NWO like he has chances are President Trump is Re-electable for the nest 8 years 🙂

  6. WTF ? …….. Schiffty is either looking for the Best Actor Award for a Schizophrenic Boring Moron , or , is dripping in Fanatical Moral Self Righteousness for People who Don't Deserve It ? …… But the BEGGING for a Fair Trial after his Basement Inquisition and Three Years of Russia Gate Slander , is Bit Much !! ….. He is Emoting to bring Down a Very Popular President for a Manufactured Minor Judgment Crime like it is the End of America ! Even his Horse Shiit is Over the top ! ……… This Guy is a Danger to himself and America ! …..

  7. Why don't we Teach our Children how to Lie Cheat and Steal from the time they are Babies ? …….. It seems to be the Fastest way to get Rich in this country ………… Isn't that what Washington is All about ?

  8. I think Trump is great …… but until the Truth about Nein 11 is Revealed …… All are Suspect ! …… It's time to Get Rid of the Hazardous Washington Garbage polluting the Country ! ….. And send in the Steam Cleaners ! …….. Because the Whole Place Stinks ! …….

  9. WOW ! …….. Trump says he didn't do it ! …… Zellinsky said He didn't do it ! …… The Ukrainian Ministers said He didn't do it ! The Ambassador said He didn't do it ! The Lawyers explained how He didn't do it ! ………….. Only the Democrats …….. allege He did it ? …….. And the Congress screwed up their Inquisition ! …….. Oops , this could get Embarrassing …… !

  10. If the Russians say it's a Sunny Day , and We agree it's a sunny day ! Is that agreeing with an Enemy Nation ? And When have the Russians become an Enemy ?

  11. When you lie to the people like the democrats have, you are not trustable and the people should demand there resignations every single democrat who participated in this Coup a major crime need to be facing Justice

  12. Democrats ned tp pay $$$$ to Genral Flin. Democrats need to be suid by the President and his family for this crime and Schiff,Pelosi,Nadler,Schumer need to be expuksed from government and face Justice for this Coup attempt

  13. Even if the case is dismissed i cannot believe it stops there.These treasonous democrats need to be held accountable for this crime it is a serious crime the democrats have done and the hole world saw it live for over 3 years now. Arrest the traitors and make them face Justice.

  14. Today was amazing and quite frankly a "Huge" eye opener, I'm not a fan of Democrats and I'm not referring to the American people rather I'm referring to Schiff Pelosi Schumer Nadler Waters AOC Ilhan and the rest of the Democrat swamp liars,,,,,America we have the power to change the corruption going on in our Government in "2020" it's time to do our part to save our Country! Think about that before you place your VOTE!

  15. New headlines. We the mainstream media news networks and our colluding, lying, scheming partners, the Demonrats here by apologize to the American people and President Trump. We are ready to be prosecuted for treason and don't deserve to be in government anymore.


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