WATCH LIVE: Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump – 1/21/2020


The Senate convenes for the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, as he participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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WATCH LIVE: Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump – 1/21/2020


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  1. Habeas corpus was suspended by President Lincoln because " Americans " were now the enemy .. I.e. Confederates … Japanese internment was ordered by democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt .. Obama ( democrat ) was far more treasonist … Leo Packer ..

  2. If American people do not tame that beast, i.e. Democrats by denying them House majority in the next election we are heading for a major disaster! These demented liberal lunatics believe in SUCCESS THROUGH INTIMIDATION and will not stop with their craziness until they instigate another civil war. I say: Vote’em all out!!!

  3. Why was this recording ended before the rebuttal to Nadler????????
    For anyone who cares to know what was said ……….

  4. Law student here,I would like to hear from some witnesses, this just sounds like hear say on both side what kind of trial is this? He said she said they said every one should speak for themselves.I trying to he a jury here.

  5. She finds it shocking he didn't send the aid because the democrats weren't going to get the laundry money that's why they are peed off..


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