Watch Live | Impeachment Trial Day 1: Senate proceedings set to begin as rules come into focus


The first day of President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate is set to get underway at 1 p.m., marking just the third time a president has faced removal from office in U.S. history. Watch Live Updates:

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  1. CrowdStrike HOW ABOUT CrowdTangles?? Will the Democrats Speak of it?
    Hunter Biden became Ensign in Military at 42 years old,he recieved
    Clearance to Highly Sensitive Security Matters Information
    then was Removed because of drug issues. Hmm.
    WHO Followed Where Foreign Aid Money was SPENT After the COUNTRIES Received it??
    NOONE- until Trump
    IMAGINE for DECADES having that PIGGY BANK!

  2. The House rules governing impeachment need to be changed to require a 2/3rds vote to impeach. If this does not happen, anytime there is a party difference between the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch a newly elected President will be impeached as soon as he/she is sworn in. What a disgrace, history will not be kind to the Democratic Party over this waste of time and money

  3. The Dems claim unfairness ,what a crock of Sh##T, they hold a unfair secret hearing in the basement of the WH and shut out the Republicans from asking question and bringing witnesses and now cry foul in the senate which they have no control. They are hypocrites and liars. You dont impeach a President because you don't like him. Their actions are so obvious.

  4. Shouldn't the Hearings be commented on by seasoned professionals as oppose to twiddle dee and twiddle dumb? No analysis just parroting the Dems talking points as if they were facts as opposed to political opinion. Sort yourselves out or die from public ignominy.

  5. 부시는 거짓말이라도 그럴싸하게 이라크에 살상무기 있다 해서 침공이라도 했지 저 병신트위터새키는 뭘 얼떨결에 지가 실시간 중계를 왜 하냐 대통령이?? 그런새키가 미국을 이끌어야 하는게 비참하고 창피하지가 않나 미국 국민들은?

  6. What I see is the Democratic party is the problem in the swamp. Hopefully they will get drained out after all this !!!💪

  7. Fair, huh? Fair trail he says… Like it was in the basement. There is no cover up on Republicans side. The Democratic party are the ones pushing an impeachment for such ridiculous reasons. Good grief. Do something about real issues in the country. President Trump is still working hard in spite of all this junk. I will be voting for him 2020 💪👍

  8. Trying to plow through this #sham
    Can’t make it through in one sitting, thank goodness we can skip through the garbage CBS commentary.

  9. Hipocrites what about JUDGING "themselves" quite OK INTERFERING with '''DEMOCRATIC''' works of Indian Parliament on spreading Democracy in 370 Kashmir HYPOCRITES 2 faced mischief makers!!

  10. 10:34 if you love the constitution stop trying to ban guns get rid of red flag laws do away with the patriot act. No one in the government lives the constitution anymore the are all liars when it comes to that statement.

  11. Dem refused to allow Rep during the house process….so Now the Rep are pissing on the Dems……just another day in Washington DC

  12. So what are these morons going to pass they do not want us to see this time. Cause I find it hard to believe that anyone really cares about this impeachment non impeachment BS.
    Last time during all the impeachment BS during the House side. They passed the 1 bill they said the wouldn't. A.K.A. The Patriot Act again.

  13. List the names of the Republican Senators that disrespected the hearing and walked out. If they are my Senator I want to know. It is their job to be present, objective and respectful!

  14. 8:40 there was another major change as you said in your statement schiff there was a new president in Ukrain. It makes sense that people might want to look into him.

  15. It's absolutely hilarious watching them blame everyone except the one person that's responsible for this whole mess. Let Bolton testify

  16. Hunter biden s company Brisma was under investigation by the UK government for corruption, that's a fact, noone in the US does any research, call yourself a reporter, and so the democrats are maladaptive daydreaming. Oh and the British money laundering investigation of brisma was stopped by the Ukrainian s.

  17. Why are they constantly repeating what has already been said this is gettin more and more stupid as it goes embarrassing the white house lookin like high school bull


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