Vuelta a San Juan 2020 Stage 1 HIGHLIGHTS | San Juan City


The first stage of the 2020 Vuelta a San Jaun starts in the city of San Juan and tours the local countryside around Ullum and before returning for a sprint showdown in the city streets. With a mix of WorldTour teams opening their season in Argentina don’t miss our highlights of this South American race.

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  1. can't understand why there were like 20 white lines in the finish. i surely couldn't tell which one was the finish line. how can riders see the correct one is beyond me.

  2. Looks like it could be a rider hitting one of the spectators who tried to jump out of the way last second. Could be a hospital ending manouver for a spectator too. I still remember having my toes almost ridden over when I was young watching the Amstel. Never done it after that. Pro riders use every inch of tarmac.

  3. Sorry to say this – it will seem incredibly petty to some I'm sure – I love your insightful and interesting commentary Dan. But it seems to me that it is pretty important to pronounce things well. You always say "wiv" and not "with" and as this is a really common word, it ends up sawing my brain in half. Maybe for others too? 😉

    When you say "wiv", your bottom teeth are touching the top lip. When you say "with", your tongue needs to rest on the bottom of your top teeth. It can easily be corrected with a bit of practice. Now I'll shut up and go hide in my hole again. Cheers.

  4. Nasty was the spectator trying to touch the UAE lead rider on the left, hitting his handlebar, causing him to lose control, push other riders, and generate this massive crash. Pretty nasty indeed.

  5. Love the channel and coverage, been waiting for such a channel for years. This race though seems pretty shambolic with photographers on the finish line and people running over the road in front of the peloton.

  6. How are they supposed to know which of the 10 white lines is the finishing line?? Not even mentioning the corner in the last 50m to go, or the photographers

  7. New team name, first race of the year, first win in 2020. Well done Rudy Barbier, it's always great to see lesser known sprinters jumping the stars on the finish line. The marshalling of this race looks really poor. Hopefully, all DS will convene and issue a warning to the Race organizers for them to ensure total safety of the riders.

  8. Are we gonna talk about that seated sprint for the win ornot? Watch it again… he was in the saddle the whole time. Track background? Impressive.

  9. Can't understand why they had to finish in that tight corner? Surely plenty of space a few metres back up the road for a much safer finish?

  10. Another crash caused by overly enthusiastic fans.. shame that one of the best parts of pro cycling is also arguably its most precarious.


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