Video no.1 – Chapter 0 – "Video teaser" – Learn to


“The Way To Better Skiing” Learn how to ski through 11 professional instructional ski videos.

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  1. To go uphill on skis you have two choices. If you are using cross country (nordic) or telemark skis, you can use a manuever called Herringbone, which is where you put your skis into a V shape. If you have alpine skis, there are climbing skins that you attach to the bottom of the skis that allow them to grab the snow so you don't slide backward as you're going up.

  2. I went on the ski trip (i'm 13) with my school, Skiing is so easy!!! It's really fun as well. At 0:27 and 0:35 there doing parrallel turning, and everywhere else it's just carving. I know my profile says i'mm 27, that was an accident, anyone know how to change my age?

  3. Thanks for the tutorials. They really helped, on my second ski trip, although, I tried following everything with my skis spread into a "pizza" position. I still have to watch most of your videos, though.


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