Uprooting a tree using a 45 to 1 pulley system


This is part 2 of my project to remove a back leaning tree. This tree needed to be removed in this manner. I am pouring a cement slab right where this tree was. Using a chain saw or even digging it out would not have completely removed the roots. Not removing the roots (over time) would decay and cause the ground to sink.


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  1. I can see that having the remaining trunk for leverage helps out quite a bit. Would love to see this method done on a shorter stump.

  2. Cool to watch , though it is funny to see dudes connect a chain to their tow bar from a tree and drive off at high speed only to see the front half of the truck keep going and the back half not move ……and the tree laughing .

  3. Curious. How is it 45:1 pull/weight ratio? I watched a video by a maritime instructor and seems to achieve a number like that is unlikely.

  4. So if on average he's pulling with 200-500 pounds of force, then 200*45 and 500*45 is the range of force. He's pulling between 9000lbs and 22,500lbs!

  5. Not dissing your methods, but unless you needed all of the roots pulled, lopping her as close to the ground as possible and grinding the stump might have been a lot quicker. How long did it take you to get rid of the ball and all?

  6. QUESTION: He used a tractor-powered 'winch' of sorts to do the pullin' … if he'd used his hands, would he have needed another 10X pulley advantage attached to the end — for a total of 450 : 1 … and then of course a few thousand feet of line to pull it with, yes? Wow, the power of nature: a tree has the strength of 450 men!


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