Update 1.7.1. The Soviet Double-Barreled Tank Branch in World of Tanks!


A new Soviet tank branch has appeared with Update 1.7.1 for World of Tanks. There are three double-barreled tanks: the IS-2-II, IS-3-II, and ST-II. So how do tanks with two guns work? What features and new terms will players need to familiarize themselves with? Watch this video to find the answers to these questions and more. Enjoy!

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  1. Will people who have the full IS-4 branch automatically unlock just the IS-2-II or beyond? That would be nice for some of us to know.

  2. Russian Heavy tanks?
    I'll pass, could care less about double guns.
    These are as unnecessary as the Rear-turreted Russian heavies were.
    I would kill for new AMERICAN Heavy tanks or a new line, USA has been ignored for years

  3. I'm so happy they added more Russian heavy tanks to the game. Its really a neglected nation int he game with so few tanks to play and research.

  4. so does this mean the various maus tanks will get there second gun? oh and can we get that KV one as a preemium im on board for that.

  5. Where's the promised ammo rebalance?
    When will a non-russian tech tree get A SINGLE addition?
    When will a NATO tech tree tank be made competitive?
    When will the German tech tree get a non-WW2 fantasy tank that isn't a big fat slow inaccurate exp pinata?
    Answers: never b/c russia

  6. The latest and greatest Soviet flavor of the month Double-Barreled biased fantasy Tank Branch in World of Tanks! It will work, it will be great as all the troublesome kinks will be magically fixed with a few lines of russian code.

  7. I hope we get more nations with multi-barrels, as well as updates to use multiple barrels already in game like the M3 Lee.

    Also: Ratte 1000 confirmed?

  8. Soooo, is the IS-4 getting that buff now too? Or are we releasing this double barrelled version and keeping the normal IS-4 completely underpowered?

  9. Just another line of OP russian paper tanks that we all know would not work in reality for many reasons. SO WG, when can I grind my german HT's toward the Ratte? How much HP do you say I get with that Tank? 10000 HP and I can fire all auxiliary guns too? BRILLIANT!!!!

  10. im not excited there is a lot of existed tanks who needs rework and you promise to do so but you didnt instead you introduce new russian tanks with 2 guns , next year make russian tanks fly and teleport from spot to another spot in the map..

  11. Anyone else notice the P1000 at the end of the video. I think that might be a hint at something upcoming. I'm thinking April fool's

  12. a las ratitas que decían que el juego se estaba llendo a la Mier… Y que no era históricamente correcto. Aquí tienen su base argumental del porque doble cañón en el juego. Saludos

  13. No one will hate New thing.. But 300 alpha is not satisfactory??;!! That's all tanks that are not Russian lol…
    Any way I don't care about armour anymore cause the game turned to a good spamming slug fest…. Unless you find a solution for that…GL bouncing anything…. Please tell the Devs to go what the bliz did… Lowering alpha of special ammo to balance the game…I played my E100 for the 1st time in years and it was so painful…..GL guys


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