Update 1.7.1: Double-Barreled Soviet Tanks!


A new Soviet tank branch has appeared with Update 1.7.1 for World of Tanks. There are three double-barreled tanks: the IS-2-II, IS-3-II, and ST-II. So how do tanks with two guns work? What features and new terms will players need to familiarize themselves with? Watch this video to find the answers to these questions and more. Enjoy!

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  1. I quit the game when they released IS 3A im a guy who played wot since release. That kind of bias made me quit, I mean in a meantime there is a guy in a stock tiger and he goes up against this? Better of in WT now.

  2. Tier 8 with 300 alpha is a shame. Tier 10's turret rotation speed is a joke. These tanks are not going to be very popular. BTW use a different key/button for salvo shot. Using left click for salvo is making single shots laggy.

  3. Tier 8 tank is way too underpowered comparing it with premium tank Object 703 II, actually tier 9 is similar to premium tier 8, and now -7 depresion, wtf give them 10 it is easier to remember.

  4. What is up with this guy's voice? I couldn't listen to it without cringing and turning my volume down. Like the video just not the voice actors, please don't ever use these voices again

  5. Sooooo is this coming to console? And is these tanks actually going to be buyable or are we gonna have to spend a lot of money gambling in loot crates?


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