UFC 1: The Beginning – Full Event (Nov 12, 1993)


UFC 1: The Beginning from November 12, 1993. The inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship featured an eight man tournament with no weight classes, no rules, and no judges. The first ever event to determine the superior fighter in any and every fighting style and martial arts discipline.

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  1. i think Royce was confused at the end of the first fight because it didn't look like he'd even done anything yet. just got him in full mount and he tapped

  2. When they recognize Edward Gracie, everyone was booing like assholes for most of the speech! Then kinda cheer at the end? What a bunch of douche bags! Hope Edward Gracie whooped all their asses afterwards! That man deserves all the respect in the world!

  3. It's hilarious how they're just sort of ironing out the rules fight by fight.

    "Hair pulling?"
    "Sure, why not."
    "And it looks like he's lacerated the artery with a particularly sharp toenail?"
    "Well, it's technically part of his body, so I thi-"
    "OH! And he's tapped after being literally shit on! Great fight!"
    "Spectacular fight indeed, and I desperately need to go home and hug my children."

  4. What an amazing interview of Shamrock after his loss to Gracie. I am new to all the UFC, but loving about learning, AND an huge fan! Rogan got me here! But whomever the interviewer of Shamrock, after his loss to Gracie, is, is gutsy, compassionate, and THERE. His technique should be taught in grad school. And legendary fightinG, BY THE WAY. savage.


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