Ud ibiza vs barcelona highlights 2-1 – All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2020


Barcelona vs ibiza highlights 2-1 – All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2020
Ud ibiza vs barcelona
Barcelona vs ibiza Highlights
Barcelona vs ibiza
Ud ibiza vs barcelona Highlights


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  1. i guess barcelona this year will not do anything .. always need Messi to save the team … bad team suffer even with teams of 3th devision

  2. Ibiza not playing a football but playing a kung fu fighters against 3rd squad from Barcelona. Congrate Barcelona. Thanks to Griezman for the last goal.

  3. There is no chance that Barcelona can win UCL this season they struggling to score goals against small teams from the Third Spanish League, how in the hell will they play against Liverpool, Bayern,Man City, PSG, Juve , there is just no chance for them, the other teams are just far better this season.

  4. People complaining about this match and turf should look back at How Athletico Bilbao played back in the 80s or look at the Serie A of the late 80s and 90s. Look how Rudd Gullit or Marco Van Basten destroyed teams on such conditions, or just look at every Maradona or George Best match.

  5. the phone rings ,Quique answers, the voice he hears is offering him a chance to realize his dream. Quique's mind temporarily explodes. He accepts the job while his brains are fragmented and greased in euphoria, a real no brainer situation. And it really is. With the dream realized, Quique knows the hard part is over and nothing matters now. He can fail and it doesn't matter. He got there. It gives him a great opportunity, not because he is managing FCB, but because the dream is realized, he, quique, can discover who he really is.

  6. Man ibiza are wild animals, those rought players should be banned a game for being nasty. Terrible game by barca tho, they need to sell almost the whole team and buy better players.

  7. The comments are hilarious.
    It's a third division semi-pro team in front of Barcelona? What did all your idiots expect ? Them to give flowers to your fake superstars and let them win 0-10 without even trying ?
    God, globalization of football is really one of the worst thing ever happening in this world.

  8. What happened to Lionel Messi he is not no the bunch or in the match if he was there this shit wouldn't have gone so easy for Ibiza 💥🔥💥🔥


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