TSM vs IMT | Week 1 | LCS Spring Split | TSM vs. Immortals (2020)


VOD of TSM vs. Immortals
LCS Spring Split 2020

TSM Lineup:
Broken Blade – Top Rumble
Dardoch – Jungle Lee Sin
Bjergsen – Mid LeBlanc
Kobbe – Bot Senna
Biofrost – Support Tahm Kench

Immortals Lineup:
sOAZ – Top Aatrox
Xmithie – Jungle Elise
Eika – Mid Zoe
Altec – Bot Ezreal
Hakuho – Support Braum

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  1. 1:13:14 . 60 minute in game but Tsm jung is 16 lvl and he is not full build ?! How can its be?
    Also it was so fucking shity game . Two team play like a shit . İts just waste time

  2. i still think they need to get rid of Bjerg. every year they get new players and shuffle the team around while keep bjerg in the same spot yet they never really go anywhere past top 4 in NA. i know hes the best midlaner in NA but maybe he isnt the best for TSM

  3. This entire game is a perfect example of what’s wrong with NA . 11 minute first blood, 40+ minute game where everybody is too scared to call for risky plays. Too technical. It’s a fucking video game, play the game

  4. The drafting was abysmal, no hard cc with a rumble? No engage champions at all, what an awful draft from Peter.

    Last comment: TSM could have easily snowballed the game if they actually had any engage, there were so many time if they simply had an Ali, Bard, Thresh or Leona they could've ended the game. TSM simply got outkited and lost because they couldn't engage fights when they needed to. TSM played as well as they could with such an extremely shit draft from Peter.

  5. Can't pinpoint when tsm became so bad at teamfights. Used to be one of their biggest strengths. Now they can't win any fights.
    IMT where really lucky in this game with how often they survived with like 50hp but still.

  6. Akaadian was the problem, Zven was the problem, etc. etc. Seems to me the problem might run a bit deeper… Ahh what a beautiful dumpster fire TSM is this season. Glorious.

  7. What an unimpressive Leblanc performance, very scared to be creative with flanks. Compared to LPL, eu or lck midlaners, this was so bad. It honestly felt like I was watching a wildcard midlaner who can't land a chain or dont know how to position so Ezreal pokes him freely. People still think Bjergsen is a good assassin player but ever since he's evolved into a passive mage player who just wants to poke and scale for team fights, fight front to back in NARAM.

  8. FREESM ALL the way babyyy xD. This game went from 0-100 in just a matter of minutes. I wonder who's shotcalling lol, 4 people dancing in the jungle and bot while their mid gets taken and the game ends there. xD


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