TSM vs Immortals | Week 1 Day 2 S10 LCS Spring 2020 | TSM vs IMT W1D2


lcs IMT vs TSM W1D2 S10 LCS 2020 Spring – TSM vs Immortals lol eSports NA LCS Spring 2020.
LoL eSports S10 NA LCS Regional Qualifier – TSM vs IMT | League of Legends NA LCS 2020 TSM vs Immortals VOD 1080p Full HD.
Second match of the day – TSM vs Immortals best 1.
IMT vs TSM W1D2 full game in HD 1080p.

Team Solomid Line-up:
Broken Blade – top Rumble
Dardoch – jungle Lee Sin
Bjergsen – mid LeBlanc
Kobbe – ADC Senna
Biofrost – support Tahm Kench

Immortals Line-up:
sOAZ – Top Aatrox
Xmithie – Jungle Elise
Eika – Mid Zoe
Altec – ADC Ezreal
Hakuho – Support Braum

Patch: 10.1 – Season 10
Game date: 26.01.2020 | 09/26/2020 | January 26th 2020
Game place: LCS Studio
Casters: Kobe and Rivington

S10 LCS Spring 2020 All Games:
S10 LCS Spring 2020 Week 1 playlist:

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  1. TSM not playing their draft optimally here. Go for more high-risk plays, more 50-50 barons and actually use TK's ultimate to gank Soaz or Eika. These controlled teamfights all game long would have been impressive if their draft was better at it. Props to Immortals for knowing their win conditions.

  2. People skimming through the video without watching just to comment and hate on Dardoch lol. Cant sit through the video and looking at the end result. Obviously low elo monkeys staring through a window just to comment on a video first fishing for early likes.

  3. Lol I'm just gonna skip watching NA. What a series of boring and disappointing games. I can actually feel the skill difference between regions and NA is just laughable.

  4. Feels like the calls lategame were "wow what an epic game" but I felt more like ehhh what a fiesta, why is the game not over yet. Gonna be honest I watch a few NA games to see how some of my favorite players are doing but wow that was depressing

  5. S10 LCS Spring 2020 All Games: https://bit.ly/36qk8l2

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