Trump impeachment trial in the Senate | Day 1


The Senate begins the impeachment trial of President Trump.

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  1. S Clair
    Republicans: No witnesses or documents allowed !
    Democrats: Ok here’s what happened.
    Republicans: I don’t believe you. You have no witnesses . Do you have any documentation ?
    Democrats: Yes but you said we couldn’t bring them.
    Republicans: So no witnesses or documents.
    Pretty weak case. We a quit Trump!
    How corrupt is this disgusting dictatorship, this is not what America is about! Shame on you bastards!

    Trump does like the ignorant and uneducated! He told you so!

  3. Fox new talked over Democrats and displayed their own misinformation
    If you wanted to see it to judge the facts for yourself you would have tuned to c-span or any other news outlet!

  4. It is pathetic how these Democrats use their fourth branch of government, the fake media, and put up as evidence articles written in their pathetic newspapers.

  5. This Schiff is controlled by an extremely diabolical and superhuman circuitous manipulative controlling insinuational mind. We Americans are thankful that there are more good people in this country than there are evil, and we will not fall for this trickery. Schiff CLEARLY THREATENS the Senators at 5:39:00 and onward.

  6. Why in the world wouldn’t we as Americans want to know about Biden and his corruption. It’s not cheating the election, it’s exposing the truth.

  7. “As far as presentation goes”
    Weak opening presentation by Pat Cippollone. Clearly nervous and spoke for less than 3 minutes. When you have right on your side you must stand up against a bully/tyrannt. The opening goes to Schifty Schiff unfortunately…

    Pam Bondi’s presentation was fabulous. We need more of that…

    Pat Cippollone did much better on his second return at the podium….

  8. thank you fox for having long commercial breaks when those commie democrats have the floor. who wants to hear any of their fake evidence? we don't need no lying commie evidence or testimony. MAGA!!!

  9. Listen to Schiff at 3:42:37. The scenario he talks about is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD, and UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE, and his ridiculous "example" shows how INCREDIBLY INCOMPETENT THIS SCHIFF IS!!

  10. Prove the man guilty or stfu… It is truly simple and yet the House wants the Senate to prove him innocent? At best the house wants the President to disclose ALL conversations between him and his advisors. What world would that be justice? EVEN if it is just on this ONE subject why the hell would you want to be president and or their advisor if you are liable for his (the president) or your words in private conversations?

  11. These Democrat losers are doing the type of trickery and shenanigans found in third world Latin American corrupt countries!!

  12. Chuck, wasn't it the DNC that paid for the Steele dossier , a foreign agent, to sway the election in 2016 ? How dare any of them invoke the framers, the founders, and the constitution when it was THEY who attempted to steal the 2016 election and spy on a presidential candidate through fake FISA warrants. Chuck is a clown

  13. The idiot dems don't even know constitutional protocol of impeachment in what the house is supposed to do and what the senate is allowed to do. Senate cannot start an investigation into what they are supposed to rule on. It is up to the house to present the evidence they have investigated. It is not telling the senate that they now have to investigate because the house chose not too. First they had to rush the articles of impeachment, then sat on it for 4 weeks before delivering to the senate and then say they have not completed their investigation when presenting their case and need more evidence they chose not to wait on or pursue? It is what party choosing not to follow the constitution when the dem controlled house refuses to follow it ? And again I ask. What crime as outlined under the impeachment protocols passed down by the framers ( Schitt likes to bring them to bear after all) has Trump committed? CRIME ? anyone? Now the DNC and Clinton paying a foreign entity for dirt on a political rival to corrupt an election actually did happen with the Steele dossier. With this being known through the Mueller report how can they expect the GOP to believe a word the house managers are saying? Especially with the trail of Adam Schitt lies and falsehoods longer then the coast line of CA. Nadlar losing it last night and getting scolded by SP Roberts put a nail in their coffin for sure.

  14. Trump and his henchmen already confessed to his conspiracies with foreign gov'ts to engage in election fraud in 2020 just like he got away with in 2016 and to add insult to injury against the American people Mitch McConnell and Republican's are enabling Trump's obstruction of justice to once again try to cover it up by not allowing any evidence or witnesses at the impeachment trial. Who ever heard such nonsense. Republicans will go down in history and forever be known for their corruption and treason. Lock'em all up!

  15. The GOP (Gov. of Putin) has successfully perverted American Democracy, thereby fulfilling Putin's agenda.

  16. Who the hell does the Turtle think he is? Bring all the witnesses, I don't care if its Biden Jr or Trump Jr or Pompeo or Bolton, we need to hear from everyone. We the American people will dictate and demand the Senate bring forth all witnesses relevant to the trial. Our Republic is at state here. I dont care if the stock market is doing well, I care if we still are a nation of laws. God bless America.

  17. Even if trump walked out in the middle the street and killed somebody we would all still like him and support trump 110% kick those dumymrats out of the country and let's clean this country up once and for all and really keep the trump train moving even better make our country great forever!

  18. The very fact that there is so much craziness surrounding Trump's simply asking for an investigation tells me that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the democratic party did in fact knowingly and willfully broke the law and did in fact knowingly and willfully wish to hide their crimes. For if Trump asking for an investigation had no merit this would have ended a very long time ago. After all, isn't it the democrats who are campaigning to show illegals the vote. Which is, in fact, FOREIGN INFLUENCE IN American elections. They don't care one but about foreign interference. What they care about is years of setting up the way for criminal transactions which would put American tax payer money into their pockets. After all, Hunter Biden is not now, nor has he ever been a political opponent. I've never voted republican in my life, but as of now, as of this circus, I'll NEVER vote democrat again. I'll be sure my children are raised to vote republican. I'll be sure my grandchildren are raised to vote republican.

  19. Is Schiff for brains seriously saying that Trump is arguing that you can't have lawsuits? That is so absurd it amazes me that he felt comfortable peddling that BS. What court is going to agree to that? SMH. If anything, if what Schiff says is true it would be a MANDATE that they oppose such a position. Of course even he knows that's BS. Schiff's own actions betray his lies.


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