Top 100 Games of All Time 10-1


Tom & Zee share their Top 100 games of all time! This time its 20-11! They are joined by Roy & Mike for the people’s Choice!

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  1. I just played TI4 yesterday. 12 hours for 6 players. All were experienced. We all knew the game. I suspect it could be shorter with 4 or 5 players but for 6 players it usually runs us in the 10-12 hour ballpark.

  2. Great top 100 this year. Like others were saying, the list was getting a little stagnant over the years, but the addition of Mike and Roy was great. Might I suggest to keep the list more lively, switch out the third (or forth member) every year for a new guest. Plus, when a person takes a "year off" and when they come back, it's more likely their list will change more.

  3. Great top 100! I really liked the inclusion of Mike and Roy for the top 40. Zee was dialed as well, everything he said was pure gold. Well done by everyone involved!

  4. This format is absolutely fantastic! I love the energy and love shared about your favorite games, and actually even enjoy the critical counterpoints by the panel members who don't like the game. Please keep future top 100 list episodes as long. Kudos on your wonderful work.

  5. Hey Tom, (or anyone) where did Heroscape end up this year? I enjoy the videos a lot and have watched the top 20, but I just don’t have 20 free hours to watch them all 😂

  6. Wow, that's blast from the past. It was surprising to see the "Le Havre" picture of the board on the screen with the little dinky boxes I made. I uploaded that very picture to BGG almost 11 years ago now…..

  7. Ah! So wish I could have made this live… was just a crazy week for me. Anyway, I need to play games with Roy someday. 🙂 Our tastes really match up a lot.

  8. Please stop Zee interrupting the other guys with silly comments, they don’t do that to him, and it’s spoiling the commentary on their pics. I like Zee’s sense of humour, but it feels like it’s all about him!

  9. Roy likes Dragons and space – i like Roy! If I had a bucket list, having a game night with Roy would be on that list.


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