Three BMWs in One: e92 M3 Swapped and 1M Kitted 1 Series!


What do you do when you love the buttery, high revving s65 V8 of the E92 M3 – the body lines of the BMW 1M – but you’re working with a regular 1 Series? You piece together this beautiful Frankenstein. But this ain’t no ordinary engine swap; this swap was done as clean and OEM as humanly possible, right down to custom molding plastic bits to make sure everything looks factory fresh.

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  1. Yeah.. Idk if you can say you're taking the route of a purest and say the 1M should have been a v8. It should have been a turbo I4 or a highstrung I6.
    I mean the M3 going v8 was pretty contentious despite the GTR being a v8. The 335i was considered the actual M3 tbh.
    Of course these days cars are so heavy you're basically forced to start adding liters.

  2. I love Bimmers. I've owned two. I'm a fanboy….but this and most Bimmers do NOT come CLOSE to a Formula 1 car. This car sounds good but it's far from Formula 1. It sounds more like something from NASCAR.

  3. The 135i brakes are actually bigger and better than the e92 m3 for what reason bmw cheapest out on the brakes should kept the Brembos from the 135

  4. Sweet Ride, Defiantly should have come like this from Factory. There is a few in Australia now Thinking of Doing the swap in My 1 Series

  5. so he goes to see 1m with m3 engine v8 and he didnt even record the engine noise let alone exhaust noise and plays stupid music and discuss the cup holder ???? hahaha lamest review or whatever it is ever….pretty bad, not sure it can get any worse


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