The Only REAL Temtem Review and First Impression (Part 1)


TemTem Reveiw / Temtem First Impressions. The Temtem Early Access has begun today and I wanted to say what needs to be said about Temtem. A lot of people have already made up their minds about the game which puts it in a really weird state. This Temtem review is going to give my thoughts as we play through this copyright-free Pokemon Rom hack. People are already really upset about this game in one way or another, either aggressively defending it or disliking it as a Pokemon Knockoff. Let’s see whats going on with my Temtem first minutes of gameplay.

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  1. Time to see if Temtem is all that it is cracked up to be… More to come when the servers aren't broken and the game actually F*cking works

  2. 1:58 "So…oh, God. They/them. That's points off. See, this is what I mean, this is why I have problems — the game is trying to pander to people that enjoy Pokemon romhacks or like, fan-ficcy, fantastical representations of Pokemon that we don't really get from Game Freak.."

    what are you implying? like, how is this a bad or good thing?

  3. I cringed so hard when you said "They/Them, points off" Come on man, one of my closest friends is non-binary, and there is actually science behind it. Although some people do lie about it for attention, its real, and many people use those pronouns because they were very uncomfortable with their original pronouns. I now remember why I stopped watching you.

  4. I could care less what you think about this they/them thing but if you take “points” off for it in a review it’s just plain wrong. All they did was include a community and if you can’t accept that I’m sorry 🤷‍♂️

  5. Bro you can't compare pokemons 100th game to tem tems demo version like that , now that's just childish let the game learn to dance,crawl,walk, then run, then you can compare em for every detail

  6. I don't see how the they/them pronouns are an issue?? If it makes people feel more comfortable, then why not? No one's forcing you to pick it. My issues with the game is that it's really not trying to be unique.
    Everything about this screams pokemon, so the question is…

    Why would I buy this game when I can just play pokemon? A game that doesn't lag THAT severely in a non-multiplayer battle? The new type elements seem kinda odd too.

  7. It doesn't look like a bad game. I'd love to play it. But it's hilarious that people think gamefreak will take it seriously and start to make their games better. You can dream on because at the level where Pokemon is , it's hard to reach there. Temtem might find a lot of success but it'll forever be a cheap knockoff of Pokemon. Gamefreak will never change and continue their lazy work…

  8. Prof. Oak: “are you a boy or a girl?”
    Temtem protagonist: “eXcUsE U?!? I iDeNtiFy aS tHeY/ThEm!!!”
    Prof. Oak: starts sweating

  9. I really do admire you can go into the game with a unbiased view, i understand just sometimes you cant really judge on something if you havnt tried it or played it,
    if its just something thats close to pokemon i definitely think its gonna raise a eyebrow, enough to be critical about because it’s like you said looking at the kickstarter just made it look like just like a hash of everyone's expectation of a pokemon game and it does. Kinda like a romhack.

    I feel that’s how I just see temtem as just fangame romhack.

    But my first unbiased impressions from the video, the graphics do look pretty good and clean and starts of pretty positive, and with trainer customisation at the very start, yeah definately what you don’t get in a Pokemon game.
    But as you get into it, there’s grass and a prof. Lab and there’s a choice of 3 starters. So yeah just a bit of a copy thier, like I see they make it a lot easier, I just feel id do something different instead of a profesor make it more original, perhaps do something different then usual 3 starters even though I feel they not equally aoreciated I feel. I like the way they have the temtem in like a e-card or something, but then looking at the stat page, just like Pokemon with the Svs being the stats and we have 5 moves for 5slot syndrome.
    So yeah it is like a Pokemon romhack, kinda reminds me of Pokemon glazed in a way.

    But I get it’s like a romhack, but it’s a clever romhack made by actual developers and company copyrighted into thier own game.
    I do actualy do respect them not to use Pokemon like that even though it’s very very similar it’s not the same hash where they are using the same engines,

    I feel them seeing prob where Pokemon fangames thrive I could see they probably wanted to make a game where they catering to what people want Pokemon to be. And it has its fanbase even though it’s an entitled one.

    I’ve kinda thought before smogon should like thier own monsters and just keep it the toxicity outside of Pokemon. Wouldn’t suprise me if they added temtems in it, since they already have thier Hackmons.

    But seeing thier servers are having trouble, I feel that’s why I said I hope they not making the expectations to high.
    You know how people are like when servers get laggy and shut down. Kinda like with Pokemon go.

    But overall I do think in some places a bit awkward (I did think of a better word then that) I been hearing the breeding is weird, like fertility realy? I just think no point of it if it makes it a little weaker, but we’ll see in part 2?
    I would like to give it a chance, prob if it had a demo or something, but it’s the beta isn’t it? I could give it a go, but I’m just thinking if the servers are that bad and it’s bit too pricey just for a copyrighted fangame. Yh I don’t think I’d be too keen or think it’s worth it. As much As I’m like I need to find more things to do, I’ll Just go and put some more time in shield. We will see.

  10. as soon as this "they/them" thing came up in your video i immediately subscribed to you based on your reaction.

  11. Everyone's comparing it to Pokémon

    To me it's more like Digimon.

    It's a console game, even the designs are more similar to Digimon.

    Though I do keep seeing it as one if those many fakemon mobile games

  12. Sorry I had to stop watching the video when he said that this is essentially a 3D Pokémon ROM Hack. He basically said if I don’t enjoy this game it’s because it’s a bad knockoff Pokémon, but if I do it’s tolerable.

  13. Awesome video! I was waiting to see your opinion on this. Thank you for taking a realistic approach to the game. I'd love to hear more of what you think as the game is more developed. It'll save me money if it doesn't end up getting better for sure. I'm interested to see if the game actually makes itself distinct from Pokémon (and if it's in a good way). Thank you, Verlis! 0u0

  14. I'll play both, I love all 'collect em all' games… I wish World of final fantasy became an MMO competitive game, the monsters in that were perfect.

  15. I would love this game to be complete, I'm worried that it's a bit to ambitious and will have years of updates before it's finished

  16. Oh good! A review. This should be interesting 😀

    "Accepting trans rights is just pandering!!!"

    …..and that's all I need to see of this. *Off *

  17. I hope people realize that this game shouldn't be super closely related to pokemon because this is the first of this games studio while pokemon is the biggest media franchise EVER! Plus just want to point out as well that Sword & Shield cost $60 while this game costs $35. Just wanted to make sure that people don't completely listen to Verlis because he is being a bit to critical in his comparisons.


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