The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will Come!


The one thing only 1% of people do, that the other 99% don’t
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  1. Time can be friend to a human beiing or an enemy.. it depends on you what you choose. You can get everyday smarter and stronger or everyday wasted in front of doing nothing at all.. Some people really change themselves and are so positivne because of ther actions they take, a lot of people are passive and dont do anything to achieve goals they have because of their… fear…

  2. Thank you for this video, yes I agree with what he said, to change ourself and create is discipline ourself, to help others I discipline myself to think and feel in my heart. So I thank you for the video. I discipline myself not to see feel bad things about people and things. Good job, keep up with the good work. Thank you so much again for this video, everyone have a wonderful day.

  3. Wow 5.6 thousand gave this a 👎.. How do you dislike a video that trys to inspire people & help them even if it doesn't apply or work for you?

  4. Letting go of all negativity and taking control of my thoughts . I love you too much to let you sink in the darkness. You will GROW and you will GLOW ✨

  5. No matter what you do, it means nothing. and you're a worthless little cute piece moving through the universe. The things you try to get in the world like money, status, etc. have no real meaning. you care about shit and you spend your time on this shit. If you really want to live, live slowly, do with less, travel and spend time with your real friends. I hate this world order, the individual poor loneliness of people and materialism.

  6. Wow just wow .how the blind stuip Clown jester come to play .are u going to play with a fool or do u want real life real love .n not this stuff not not for real n sorry but this is nothing o if u want it claim your freedom free spirit from our first breathe claim your freedom ullu love come one come all nations 80 million sister's n brother's come claim your freedom ullu love the only gift of life freedom free path is clear

  7. What a joke really this os s joke right look at speaker jahajajahahaha u have classic example clown he has so many masks he wrars n doesnt even know 9t n love thete only one that ullu love our true essence form oneiness spirit body mind one whole freedom sacred holy freedom free spirit from our first breathe claim your freedom ullu love come one come all nations come sister's n brother's come claim your freedom ullu love 80 million come path clear for your own freedom all u have to do is claim ullu love that simple it the only true love is ullu love

  8. That’s the breaking news lol. You are thinking way too hard over this. It’s all about hard work and effort. Just that simple.

  9. Motivation is nothing but an emotional kick,
    That inspires you to focus on your dreams.
    But motivation or inspiration does nothing,
    Until you have a clear purpose and clear methodology,
    To work on yourself in a most efficient way !!!

    Sudhir K.V
    Author of “B4Success…the revolution within”
    Launched on 12 Dec 2019 : :

  10. hey moron, stop with the stupid music in the background, I can't even hear what they're saying you dumb FCK because you thought it was a good idea to put music in the background ….

  11. You know I respect Will Smith you came up through the ranks as he should have however not taking life advice from someone who lets their under age daughter take photographs half nudes with 21 Year old's mother read smiling and not


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