The Nervous System, Part 1: Crash Course A&P #8



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Today Hank kicks off our look around MISSION CONTROL: your nervous system.

Table of Contents:

Sensory Input, Integration and Motor Output 1:36
Organization of Central and Peripheral Systems 2:16
Glial Cells 3:54
Role, Anatomy and Function of Neuron Types 5:23
Structure and Function of Neurons 6:20

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  1. I wasn't smart enough to let my tea cool off. I was in a hurry so I just let it burn my mouth… pretty sure I have a blister.

    ANYWAY, I wanted to come on here and get some input from other people who are interested in neuroscience.
    I have an astrology channel and one of my most popular videos is about telepathy.

    I tried making a video about potential scientific explanations for telepathy, and I think everyone in the science community pretty much scoffed at it and ignored me… and people in the metaphysical community didn't really care because they don't share my passion for learning about the brain.

    I am in this weird inbetween phase (inbetween worlds), and I am looking for feedback.

    I know some people think I am crazy, and I am ok with that.

  2. I'm grateful for having this channel in here…. Ur efforts r admirable & organised… I'm inspired to put 110% in studies along with teaching me physio… Just as u r doing here! Giving ur best 😊

  3. Nerves are fluid
    Your ear is a big outside in inside out nerve Reyes are a big nerve. Nerves are liquid blod is liquid. Put it into my worm tongue. How do you think @ir is gas nerve fluid. Had a uydada

  4. 4:16 While glia were thought to outnumber neurons by a ratio of 10:1, a recent study provides evidence for a ratio of less than 1:1.

  5. I fell in the bathtub and I hit my head and I here soud in my head it make me dizzy I can't nap or sleep I fell ill maybe my nervous system I don't have diabetes or nothing like that what can't I do I feel I'll 😔

  6. 6:40 I think I'm a cell body in my life and my friends are dendrites.
    I've been watching bio videos for 2 hrs and cant stop laughing.WHY SCHOOLS DONT TEACH LIKE THIS???? I would go to classes w a great pleasure!!! DAMN, i hate my bio teacher. He just gives papers and done, doesnt even say any biological term, ugh

  7. I have an anatomy final tomorrow and all of my other finals were last week and I just couldn’t get myself to study, then I found your videos!

  8. Im learning this on coursera. Its 6 weeks long and doesnt contain hafl of this info, but its like information overload, since i dont have a glossary

  9. So, you’re telling me, that since my brain uses 25% of my energy intake, then studying and brain teasers or anything else that makes my brain do more than just manage could use more energy and thus be considered exercise???

  10. I am feeling like there are superior cells and just ordinary ones. Like, there are factory workers and there are senior management types.

    So, I think that I don't like that much the idea that some cells in my body are telling other cells what to do without actually asking the subservient cells whether they like or not. I mean, I am pretty new to bio and AP, so these are the thoughts that I am having.

    I guess the lesson here is that there are actually cells that tell other cells what to do, just like there are people who tell other people what to do. The best course of action is learn and take active steps in order to gradually become a leader. Everybody knows that this is how the world works, so if anybody tries to tell you that you shouldn't be trying to do that, you can always refer to the nervous cells being all boss around your body.

    Kinda like thinking about these questions because these might be sorta the roadblocks to letting go of bias and clearly understanding the basic medical concepts.

  11. After watching this. I feel like we were created like AIs and somehow we took over/destroyed who created us. I can only hope with our new AI creation, It wont take over/destroy us. Let me put my blunt down now. lol

  12. I'm so blessed to have such a good anatomy teacher at school, but these videos really help me put it all together visually in my head. Thank you so much for helping us struggling students out :')


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