The Jury 1


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SYNOPSIS: As the newly appointed Chief Judge Osakwe’s (Olu Jacobs) first case is to try his very close friend of many years Segun (Justus Esiri) who being accused of Bribery and Money Laundering and other corrupt practices. As someone who loves to uphold the law and values friendship Osakwa is at the crossroad of decision making between his dear friend and upholding the rule of the law

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  1. Morning sarks! The jury is still out on the hair, it it soft & shiny till ya get to the ends, so I'm gonna ponder over it today!!!

  2. this is the kind of movie i like with professional director not to mention the people who produced this great movie  thanks 

  3. This is the Nollywood  i know and not of the silly nollywood of today that all their story line is all about  'ASEWO' that they term to be RUNS GIRLS…..I THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE A BREAK OF ABOUT 10 YEARS FOR THEM TO GET BACK TO THE TRACK .THANKS REALNOLLYMOVIES FOR SHARING THIS GREAT MOVIE…….


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