The Insane Logistics of Formula 1


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  1. That's impressive, but it would make far greater economic sense to simply have a permanent set up for each team at each location. in that way all you need to move are the cars, support parts, drivers and staff to each race.

  2. asdwegfwes…. anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  3. Sam pronounces the word Prix in the French accent but not the word Grand. So it ends up sounding like "Graend Pree" instead of "Graand Pree"

  4. We do have to think now of the environmental costs of watching cars go round and round. Would there be another sport with a higher carbon footprint?

  5. Great video. It would be interesting to hear how the teams prepare for the possibility of sea containers being lost (many are every year) or planes going down. They would have to have a strategy for it regardless of how unlikely an event it would be

  6. Was wondering if the F1 teams also drove rather than flew their equipment from the Singapore to the Malaysian GPs, in the years that the 2 were immediately after 1 another, since the 2 are relatively near each other

  7. Holy hell i just started to get into F 1 racing mostly because i was hearing about lewis hamilton so much that it interested me and me loving cars well i thought hmm but wow i never would have thought it was this intense and massive

  8. F1 channel just copied this video but after watching both, I feel like Wendover gave us Ben Affleck while F1 channel gave us retarded discount brother Casey Affleck…

  9. Yes, I'm from the future. And yes, F1 had their own video regarding logistics too recently. But nice work, Wendover, I watched yours first long before they are.

  10. This is awesome because we all know how they probably move cars but we haven't never seen any picture of a car in a plane or in a ship or an upload of a car in a truck or whatever… That could be an interesting thing that the F1 channel can show

  11. One day this is all going to be digital and we won't have to waste gas, jet fuel, so much time and manual labor in order to watch people drive around in circles really fast.


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