The Dive | Rift Changes & Power Rankings (Season 4, Episode 1)


The Dive returns in 2020 and to kick things off the gang are going deep on the changes that have hit the Rift, plus power ranking the 2020 LCS Spring Split.

0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Meta | Rift Changes
5:47 – Meta | Jungle Changes, “Gank Heavily”
15:57 – Meta | The Jungle and Dragon Control
20:19 – Report and Honor
29:31 – 2020 LCS Spring Split Power Rankings
31:05 – Team Liquid
35:57 – Cloud9
43:18 – TSM
51:41 – Counter Logic Gaming
1:00:32 – Dignitas
1:15:54 – 100 Thieves
1:26:39 – FlyQuest, Immortals, Golden Guardians
1:37:24 – Twitter Questions


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  1. "I was more just making fun of you rather than giving my honest opinion" is the perfect MarkZ quote to define all of his podcasting 🤣

  2. Report: C9….just C9 They’ve lost my support 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Honors: TSM you know I be rooting for you 👍🏼
    Honorable mention: Sneaky’s got my support wherever he ends up

  3. Unpopular opinion, TL overhyped this split. I think while TL were the most dominate team in NA the last few splits, this coming split the upper half of the league have bridged the gap. Wouldnt be surprised if TSM, EG, 100t stealing the lead.

  4. My Power Rankings For The End Of Spring Split:

    1) Team Liquid
    2) Team Solo Mid
    3) Cloud9
    4) Evil Geniuses
    5) Dignitas
    6) Immortals
    7) 100 Thieves
    8) Flyquest
    9) Counter Logic Gaming
    10) Golden Guardians

  5. I like you guys and I watch your shows but "reporting"/flaming teams for getting young talent and reporting "reporting"/flaming a player who role swap to different role is a bit too much, you haven't even seen these player play yet and you already creating negative thoughts on whoever is watching you. Stop creating negative vibes for players and team before they even got the chance to show why they made these decisions, shame.

  6. I’m only a few minutes in, but this report thing is hilarious. Might get a little bare later into the season if teams stagnate, but it’s really funny hearing some flame. Reminds me of the “come on man” segment from ESPN.


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