Temtem Gameplay #1: UNPLAYABLE or POKEMON KILLER? (Full Game Temtem Ep 1)


Temtem Gameplay #1 – Temtem Review FULL GAME! Today we’re checking out TemTem on it’s first day on Steam! Will it be a Pokemon killer or completely unplayable? Well, perhaps it can be both! Let’s explore the Temtem starters, Temtem evolution, Tetem Let’s Play, and much more…plus check in on the servers and how quickly this game went unplayable. Is there enough promise to give Temtem another shot? Let me know what YOU think of Temtem in the comments down below!! 🙂


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  1. I doubt TemTem will be able to kill Pokémon. I mean, look at Digimon and Yo-kai watch. People at one point considered them as the "Pokémon killers" but guess what? They couldn't even touch Pokémon. Sure, Yo-kai watch was really popular… IN JAPAN. And that's not the only place it got popular in, I'm aware of that. But still. Actually, I think the only reason why people say that TemTem will "kill" Pokémon is because they're too butthurt about the National Dex.

  2. I'm sick of people shitting on Pokemon and saying how better Temtem is. People call out Pokemon for not being open world, well neither is Temtem, yet Temtem doesn't get shit for it. Temtem has a 350 dollar paywall for certain Temtem, yet it gets no shit while Pokemon gets called out for dlc. Temtem can't even be played offline. Also Temtem's graphics are worse than Sword and Shield. This game has so many issues yet its being hyped up so much and used as a way to further shit on Pokemon.

  3. A little early to blow your load doncha think?

    It's a f!@king mmo and EVERYONE is desperate for a GOOD monster collector.

    Havent had one in over a decade now.

  4. This marks the first full game that he is doing this year. Ironically this is also probably the last episode.

    Game attempts since Nov. 2018: 23
    Games completed since Nov 2018: 3

  5. I find it funny that people talk about games like this in terms of what they take from Pokemon. As if Pokemon (A game where you collect, raise, and battle monsters) was an original idea to begin with. It's what the game does different that matters to me.

  6. Those of you that are sick of Pokemon, your just taking it too seriously. Pokemon can't have another aray of haters on their hands.


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