Star Trek Picard Episode 1 – TOP 10 WTF and Star Trek Easter Eggs


Star Trek Picard Episode 1, TOP 10, Easter Eggs. Patrick Stewart, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Movies Data, The Mandalorian Baby Yoda ►
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Covering new Star Trek Picard Episode 1, TOP 10 and Easter Eggs. Patrick Stewart Captain Picard and Data Scene. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene story analogy. Star Trek The Next Generation Easter Eggs, The Borg, Romluans, Vulcans, Picard and Riker. Star Trek Movie Easter Eggs and Spock Timeline explained.

I’ll do more Star Trek Picard Episodes depending on how this Episode 1 video does. There will be 10 Episodes total. Star Trek Picard Episode 2 is next thursday. Episodes airing each week.

I’m also doing Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 videos until Season 2 Episode 1 premieres. And Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Episodes. The Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 1 release date is in Feb. Super Bowl 2020 is also coming up next week. I’ll be doing as many Super Bowl Trailers as possible. Marvel Phase 4 Trailer, Black Widow Trailer, Spiderman Morbius Trailer, Venom 2 Trailer and any Avengers Trailer for the Disney Plus series!

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  1. Here's my Star Trek Picard Episode 1 video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted. I'll do more Picard Episode videos depending on how this video does. Here's my new Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer and Mandalorian video!

  2. Data and Lore weren't made as a pair. Who's arse did that slip out of?
    If Data was blown to smithereens then how did they find any of his positronic brain to clone from?

  3. I think the "Mom" was an "Romulan" type "AI" and was wanting her to find "Picard" because he could be tracked(after a bit of hacking) and would lead them to where she was. Cause after she "dies" the Picard Romulans mention a "cloaking device" during "recorded video"

  4. "Galaxy wide ban" how does that work? Are they now in contact with the all the civilizations in the gamma and delta quadrant?

  5. I usually come to your channel to see your latest comments on MCU news but since I am an even bigger Star Trek Fan I really appreciate that you do a review on Picard. Please keep it up for the first season!! 🖖

  6. I wonder how the Doctor fits into this universe. There are holograms in the episode, but how does the ban on synths apply to sentient ones like the Doctor?

  7. You know it is conceivable that data was beamed out and spirited away before vaporized by detonating the Scimitar warp core..

  8. We have met Maddox, he's the same Maddox that wanted to dissect data in TNG season 1 until Picard proved to Starfleet that Data was sensioned and deserved the same rights all life had.

  9. For saying Starfleet's mission statement is peace it seems to be at war all the time… It's like the EU claiming the high ground but always fighting with its neighbours… Instigating conflict instead of avoiding it.

  10. I disliked the whole idea of the Federation 'banning synthetics' … it also doesn't even really make sense. I also dislike how the hologram at the archive is just literally awful… the most awful hologram. I mean they have holodecks…. how can they have such a bad hologram?

    And what is the archive that they have setup? Its like a matrix bit… it not even explained… its awful writing. I mean… could it of been explained? SURE! Why not. But they don't… and its not needed. It could of just been in a locker somewhere, some ensign pulling it out and leaving it on a table. But no… full matrix bs.

  11. Weekly breakdowns, PLEASE, we need someone to counter all the rude fanboy hate I’ve already seen online. No premiere is perfect, there were some predictable moments, but the Maddox deep cut and reveal of a twin in a romulann run Borg cube are enough to predict we’re going somewhere very interesting here….

  12. In future there's no wars. Terrorism. Banks. Hunger. Paedos. Genocide. Ect that's why the earth was allowed to join federation. All it took for mankind to prosper and evolve was wipe out all Zionist terrorist on earth without the evil Christ killers mankind is happy

  13. Just… going to throw this out there. So I read and was promised this was going to be the original universe star trek and NOt the super-bs jj abrams cash grab that took a knife to what made star trek… star trek… and they literally start out with jj abrams's batshit crazy the Romulan star explodes.

    I mean… if you wanted Romulan refugees. Why not pull at the war between the Romulans and Klingons at the end of the TNG? I mean… stars don't just suddenly explode… and the Romulan Star empire would of had thousands of ships to evacuate the planet. The series does mention planetary evacuations like on Voyager. So… there is so much wrong with everything with everything in this…

    Let me throw an alternate story line if you want Romulan refugees. The Romulans steal the technology being developed to stop all fusion within a star from the Klingons. The Klingons push hard into the Romulan Empire to stop them, the Federation condemns them for it, and the Klingons break the treaty. At some point the Klingons use the weapon on the Romulan Star but is almost stopped… so the star has months before it eventually goes supernova. The Romulan Senate calls for any and all help… the Federation replies… the relief mission is successful but with pressure from the Klingons that they will declare war on the Federation and more… the Federaton backs out of resettlement… the Klingons take over the Romulan Star Empire… and the Klingons and Federation are at a defacto state of war.

    BUT NO… we get the whole BS "the star just suddenly went supernova for no reason, they had no time, so we sent spock back in time by himself to fix it with blackholes, and the federation tried to help but you know the whole supernovas literally travel at the speed of light meant we couldn't save them, but somehow did?"

    FUCK YOU jj abrams. You are the most retarded shitfucker of writers to ever write. You get acolades because you write plots for stories that are beloved, not because your writing is any good. Its why you dont have anything you haven't fucken stolen from someone else and everything you write is considered trash by everyone. The maker of Star Wars thought your movies of Star Wars was trash.That is what you are. A trash man. FUCK YOU jj abrams.

  14. So Picard just happens to have ~another~ member of Data's immediate family just conveniently fall into his lap, one who somehow seems to have some unpleasant Romulan history… Dahja Vu??? I wonder if he'll end up trying to re-assemble ~this~ one too…. 😀 😮 LOL

  15. Lore was with the Borg for an extended period. Data got his "skin graph" from the Borg and he could "feel" sensations with it. After Lal shut down they never said what happen to her. Maddox might have recovered Borg technology and/or Lal to create the twins. It is also possible that Maddox is not involved and some Borg are responsible.

  16. It seems that many people enjoyed it.. I did, but just a bit. I did enjoy seeing Picard back and the idea of continuity.. that's all.. I didn't like most of what the federation had turned into. It's far away from Gene Roddenberry's idea.. it is NOT what future humans should be abiding by… Hatred.. isolationism… WTF was that Picard'sTV show interview??!! TV should be long gone by the 24th… A borg cube for romulans … Things are all twisted…
    I am not saying the story line is bad.. it's gripping I guess.. but not what star trek tng once was…
    I don't want one more dark future prospect tv show….
    The last good ST was Voyager… Now.. Picard show is just one among thousand of murk future tv shows..

    What saddened me most was that ST TNG and Voyager used to inspire me (and many) to seek out science and the discovery of new things because in the future things could be better… Based solely on the episode 1, I doubt it could sting the same ideals… Feels like the abandonment of "seek out new life and the discovery of new worlds" and instead we have… "We screwed up, now it's only pew-pew phaser fire and boom boom)

  17. I know you probably stop doing Discovery, because of all the drama and hate around it. but please continue on doing Star Trek Picard videos

  18. The synthetic girl didn't get killed by Romulan blood, if you look closer at that sequence, the Romulan bites into a capsule. He then spits the acid on her, burning him, but killing her in the process.

  19. The two paintings by Data are different. The painting in the study at Chateau Picard has the woman with her back to the viewer and her face is turned away, hidden in the cloak. The painting in the Star Fleet Archives Museum has the woman with her face turned towards the viewer and her features are exactly like Dahj.


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