Star Trek Picard Episode 1 "Remembrance" – Review & Breakdown


Star Trek: Picard has officially beamed down with Episode One, “Remembrance”. Today Trek Central is breaking down and reviewing the latest episode.

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Written by Jack T and Dom Paris
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  1. I must say I have to agree with the Picard's reasons for leaving Starfleet goes directly against his personality and principals of what he believes in but he's also right Starfleet is not what it once was.

  2. this series seeams awesome.. now if you like zionism and global elites and military nonsense then you hate this movie for it attacks babylon zionism talmud ways.

  3. The spoiler is Doctor crusher has to change the cards diaper he's an old folks home she doesn't need them anymore the little blue pills don't work for him like they used dr. Crusher has to go on another mission to make more money for CBS all Access TV with commercials for 599 or 999 for no commercials

  4. OMG all those naysayers were dead wrong. Star Trek Picard is AWESOME. I love how immersive the world is. The texture and attention to detail is fantastic. The atmosphere feels exciting and mysterious. It makes Star Trek feel fresh and Cyberpunk, yet still has an underlying current of nostalgic reverence.

    So far… AMAZING!

  5. I think Discovery has been mostly disastrous, so I was nervous going into this first Picard episode… I'm relieved, so far so good. Sure it's not at the level of hey-day TNG, but Picard def has potential to be it's own special chapter in Trek

  6. My childhood has returned. Just watched the first episode and they picked up right where TNG left off with Picard’s nature. I can’t wait to see it all. Discovery who?

  7. YES YES YES YES. FINALLY we have the great man himself back on the TV screen where for me Picard was at his truly best, and by the looks of the first episode star trek have created an amazing new trek. I can't wait for next weeks episode.

  8. Well it may only be the first episode, but I loved it. How nice to see the proper Star Trek universe again, from the moment we entered Ten Forward I felt like I was home again. Feels.

  9. Plot twist!!! This turns out to all be the onset of Picard's Aromatic Syndrome! This has all happened in his head. That's why he is having the weird dreams ect.

  10. Nice video. The Picard series pilot is excellent. Nice job on this entire production. Looking forward to seeing new episodes regularly (as possible)! Well done… :)(:

  11. Can someone tell me why I can’t watch the whole season? Is it a sales tactic? Discovery has the whole season. Why not Picard if it’s streaming

  12. Excellent! Can't wait to see how this story unfolds. Opens with "Blue Skies" (nod to Data). Picard back home at the family vineyard and even speaking French to "Number One"! The interview setting the tone. The "daughter" (reflections of Lahl and maybe even a parallel evolution of Lore?!?). Commander Maddox' continued work and that cryptic and enticing closure of the Borg cube adds to the seasoning. Such an engaging story that weaves the elements of Picard's history so expertly. It feels so natural to settle into Jean Luc's current story as if he were an old friend and the last 25 years are just conversation over Earl Grey. BRAVO to the actors and production team on this one! A Trek story for the 21st Century. Looking forward to more of the story!

  13. By the way I was able to meet William Shatner about a week ago it was a fun time. So Star Trek Picard was a hell of a ride.. cannot wait for the second episode. It was very graceful and I like how it was Picard who this show is focused on. Always such a wonderful character and Patrick sounds like a good good man.


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