Southampton 1-1 Tottenham – Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference – FA Cup – SUBTITLES


Jose Mourinho speaks to the media after Tottenham draws to Southampton in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup.

He says his team was very close to winning and thanks the supporters that came to the game.

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  1. Spurs team has improved consistently but slowly under Mourinho. The defense is much better though still leaking goals but at least not 2 or 3 per game. Tanganga is great & will be world class soon. Even Aurier is playing better.

    The midfield is now a strength of this team specially after Kane’s loss to injuries. I like Lo Selso & Lamella.

    Mourinho still needs more players & time. He will little by little off load a number of the deadwoods.

  2. Mourinho is a top manager. Bring in some players and see this spurs win titles and cups. Forget all your drama… spurs won nothing before with pouch. Focus on the present and future.

  3. Hopelessness…25th January and we remain a laughing stock…and then the most Spineless supporters club in the land released a statement, NOT! Very Spursy how we turn The Special one into The Suicidal one

  4. IMHO, he made a tactical error after the Tottenham goal. He should have brought another central defender like Vertongen around 75 minutes to enforce the leaking central defense & remove Alli or Moura.

  5. We struggled playing for the back. Son is not your hold up play striker and gave the ball away way too much. Lo Celso was great. Dele’s work rate was great. I like Sanchez but he’s mistake prone and I thought Aurier had a good game except for the end when he lost the ball. Lots of positives but lots to work on. We must replace Eriksen and we must get a striker at minimum.

  6. If levy who was there can't see that we need a striker at the moment he's the dumbest man on the planet or he doesn't give a shit about the club. Thanks Beany.

  7. 1:37 When Mourinho says "I don't wanna say anysing", he literally means the only thing he in fact doesn't want to say is "anysing"; everything else is fair game 😉

  8. Forget a stricker go get koulibaly and have him and Toby in the back
    Our defense is always leaking goals and i am getting tired of Sanchez…get koulibaly and Aaron if that’s all we get i will be ok
    Gio lo Celso is playing well so just sign him

  9. How’s Tottenham the last one to blame tho
    Jose knows how levy works.. all about spending nothing but getting more so of course the other team will play the waiting game too


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