SK vs. G2 – Week 1 Day 2 | LEC Spring Split | SK Gaming vs. G2 Esports (2020)


VoD of SK Gaming vs. G2 Esports
LEC Spring Split 2020 #LEC

Casters: Drakos, Ender
Analyst Studio: Quickshot
Interview: Laure Valée with Rekkles and Laure Valée with Grabbz

Full Line up:
SK Gaming Line up:
• Sacre – Top Ornn
• Trick – Jungle Jarvan IV
• Jenax – Mid Cassiopeia
• Crownshot – ADC Miss Fortune
• LIMIT – Support Leona

G2 Esports Line up:
• Wunder – Top Aatrox
• Jankos – Jungle Lee Sin
• Perkz – Mid Zoe
• Caps – ADC Xayah
• Mikyx – Support Rakan

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