Seniors Decide Who Amongst Them Gets $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut


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Seniors Decide Who Gets $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

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  1. My question is why was there a bunch of people fighting for 1k when that’s really not gonna do shit for anyone’s needs or wants. She could had gotten half a fridge with 1k

  2. Most awkward episode yet… lol. The lady in the middle didn't even want to make eye contact with anyone. She was sitting there like they all owed her something for making her OWN decision becoming a young mom. I had a kid at 17 so I know the struggle. And I definitely don't think anyone owes me a thing. I feel so bad because they're all old and need things, I truly hope the lady in need of dentures gets a blessing from this video 😢

  3. Clearly Y’all don’t understand, these are three elderly BLACK WOMEN. That means out of all the years they have lived they been the minority all their life. They’re black & a women so it’s double the struggle, plus their own personal struggles they had to deal with at home. I don’t care if they wanted to spend the $ on a stick that you could find in the street. They should be the last three and they should all have the money because they all deserve more than anyone that was there. Point black Periodt. 💁🏾‍♀️

  4. Seniors are a whole other level, this was kind of crappy to let them decide amongst each other. Like the woman said it should of gone to someone of need not want. Messed up.

  5. I am trying sooooooooooooo hard not to tear other women down, but lifting them up, especially marginalized folx… So hard. But boi, those last three, especially the middle one, are such mean assholes. Noone forced you to have children (even tho it's a health crisis that woc get much less often anesthesia when giving birth). Just saying… 😐 I hated this episode and I have seen ALL OF THEM 😂

  6. I hate how that one lady pulled herself out at the end because the other two needed what they want, but yet the lady who NEEDS teeth just got kicked out because she didn’t want to play the need game. Smh

  7. wanting to take a vacation is not a crime imo i think it’s JUST as valid as needing new teeth bc you get to a certain age and you realize you never got a break in your entire life but Deanna just had a bad attitude

  8. The woman needing the teeth should have gotten the money. A vacation really? I get that mental health is important, but there are a lot of ways to work around that. Even just going out to dinner by yourself can be a nice get away. A hotel for a night…. anything to get out of the house and away from family and stress. I hope the women use the money wisely and get what they wanted.

  9. ok but can we talk about how sweet the first guy was who wanted the money for charity. Like he gave me such fun grandpa vibes

  10. I thought this would be a cute friendly game between the elderly, but wow this is one of the most cutthroat ones I’ve seen yet.

  11. Those ladies literally bullied that poor lady out of the chance to win! They made a clique and then were rude to her for absolutely no reason! I vote for the teeth lady ❤️

  12. For real? Greed is real everybody! They think going on vacation is more important than having teeth? All three of the last ladies were disrespectful. Like who in their right mind 💀 But at the end the middle lady came through, even though.

  13. This made me so sad. Like I get bullied and now I see a future with just more bullying. Miss brown coat in the middle was a b

  14. Had the white people gotten rid of the 3 black people it would’ve been a race issue, but when it’s the other way around no one talks about it. Rip

  15. Horrible representation for my community. Those women acted gluttonous and inconsiderate towards the women who need the new teeth. I’m heart broken

  16. MY HEARTTTT, when she said she needed teeth omg after reading the comments and seeing she did not win, not worth the watch anymore. ;-;

  17. They watched him write his number 😂😂 and she lied about the most daring thing it’s a weight limit to sky dive 🤦🏽‍♀️😬 looking at the group I knew who was gonna stay the couch lol


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