Route 1 – Pokémon X/Y


Music from Pokémon X & Y (ポケットモンスターX / ポケットモンスターY) [Nintendo 3DS].

Route 1
1番道路 [Route 1]

Composed and arranged by Shota Kageyama

Official soundtrack: Nintendo 3DS Pokémon X・Y Super Music Collection (ニンテンドー3DS ポケモンX・Y スーパーミュージックコレクション)
Release date: 13.11.2013

All new music from Pokémon X & Y was composed by Shota Kageyama (leader of sound team), Minako Adachi, Hitomi Sato and Junichi Masuda (only original compositions of almost all battle themes).
Included also some new arrangements of older tunes originally composed by Go Ichinose and Morikazu Aoki.

Information about games:

Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Release dates: 12.10.2013 (worldwide)
Pokémon series: 6th Generation (main series)


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  1. I remember just sitting on this route for a while on my journey just to listen to the music… And admire how gorgeous the area looked.

    (Pokemon Y was my first Pokémon game. Gimme a break. 😛 )

  2. 90% of people commented sarcastically about how we all got through the hardest route ever
    9% points out lot of off topic things
    1% took their time to listen to this…

  3. Man, the only way I heard this song for more than 15 seconds was stopping to scout out what Pokemon were hiding in the tall grass. The first time I played Y, I thought "What new early-game bird am I gonna find? This is exciting!" And then I'm greeted with a Pidgey.

    GAME FREAK, I know you want us ALL to raise a Pidgeot so you can show off Mega Pidgeot, but he's still just "meh".

  4. Game Freak: OK! We gotta make some music for the new Pokemon Games!
    Several Hours Later
    Game Freak: GREAT! Hmmm where should we put this… YES! In the smallest part of the game where you can catch not even a single pokemon or find an item! Awesome!

    Sure…. -.-


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