Roll To Seduce | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series


When a situation seems hopeless never forget there is always one more option available: seduce your way out of it.

Written & Directed by Elliot Ryan – @technotropism
Director of Photography: Goldie Soetianto – @vysanthe
Produced by Goldie Soetianto & Elliot Ryan

Dungeon Master / Pat: Kendall Drury – @kendallsdumb
Nixie / Nicole: Fall Cosplay – @fallcosplay
Antrius “the Great” / Antonio: Forgeling – @forgeling
Evandra / Eva: Eva Devore – @eva_devore
Cat Percer: Lumi –
Courtesan Body Double: @bee.maiden, @aurora__riot

1st AD: Vincent Power
Camera & Lighting Assistant: Andy Diep
Sound Recordist: Marc Giammetta, Martin Demian
Stills Photography: Etienne Reynaud
Marquis Costume & HMUA: @eva_devore
Editor: Elliot Ryan
Colourist: Goldie Soetianto
Sound Design: Ned McPhie
Composer: Ned McPhie
Logo: The Wonyo

Shot on location at Sky Sirens

Sound recording equipment provided by RØDE.

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  1. So the moral of the story is to always carry your Sheath of Protection +10. Bloopers from this episode will be up on our Patreon in the next few days! ►

  2. I used an STD scare yesterday against my annoyingly seductive rogue…
    Rogue: "Who can I seduce?"
    DM: "In this small country town? There's… a lowly, desperate tavern wench…"
    Rogue: "I'll have her!"
    DM: "Make a Persuasion Check."
    Rogue: [Succeeds]
    DM: "Now roll a Constitution Save."
    Rogue: "Um… WHAT?"

  3. This reminds me of SO many crazy situation when we got out with impossible plan… thanks to the god of all gods: THE 20!

    Your show is so great guys. Thanks a lot

  4. Nixie's reaction is why all love scenes in our games "Cut to the fireplace." And no, it doesn't matter if there is no fireplace. It magically appears.

  5. Am I the only one who was expecting to hear, "today we salute you, Mr. Pansexual bard guy!" Like those great bud light commercials when the drums of the music came on?

  6. Орал в голосину. Рябета, вы молодцы! Продолжайте. Переводчику отдельное спасибо

  7. Exactly one week ago, I rolled up a random character- a bard who was dumb as nails, but had nat 20 charisma. I thought to myself, "I want to use this someday. Can you imagine trying to wield this thing in a campaign?"

    …Needless to say, this episode was extra enjoyable. And sexy Tieflings. Bonus!

  8. In the Shadowrun game I'm currently GMing, I had a Face where plan A was always "seduce".

    I started rolling a d6 to randomly determine sexuality on PCs. Never once did it successfully prevent a seduction.

  9. "hit that bell.. i'll be hitting something else.." entire cast/backstage proceeds to lose their shit. This. This is how you know you struck gold.

  10. Как же жизанько когда всё идёт не по плану дм)
    – (дм продумывает диалоги, многоступенчатый квест, мотивацию и демотивацию)
    – (игроки опиздили непися и ушли)
    Или так:
    – (поняв что игрокам нужен файтинг устраиваешь прям полный расклад для боя)
    – (игроки решают разговорить злого непися и взять квест)

  11. Quem fez a tradução em português? Ficou daora mas teve alguns erros e ainda não legendou o final :/

    Eldrich Blast é Rajada mística (mesmo assim n tem sentido na frase dele)

  12. I was so damn excited to see y'all put out another one of these videos. These are so funny, I've showed all my D&D groups these vids and they get an absolute kick out of them. Keep up the amazing work yall!


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