Quantum Theory Made Easy [1]


“Quantum Theory Made Easy,” a series in which the concepts of quantum physics are broken down for layaudiences in a more digestable manner. More in-depth than most presentations for laypersons, but without the mathematical rigour needed by a specialist in the field.
So, you’ve heard that light is a wave/particle. Now you get to find out how we know this!
In this episode, we’ll be discussing the dual nature of light, starting with a brief overview of how light was determined to be an electromagnetic wave and what properties light was classically associated with. From there, we’ll present the results of Planck’s blackbody experiments and introduce the concept of quantization, which was how this whole quantum mess was started in the first place. After explaining how the quantum of action (h) works, we’ll move on to how it showed up in experiments that challenged the wave picture of light, and how Einstein, bremsstrahlung, and Compton, made it clear that light can behave like a particle.
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  2. When these videos start out with names, dates, theories, etc., they only confuse the entire matter. I can;t watch this sht. This is sht.

  3. I like to compare it to love and hate. People that love each other or hate each other will produce work to go towards each other or to get away from each other.

  4. As the physical community still has not settled on a consensus, for one interpretation of QT, I'd say it's "kept us guessing" for over a century.

  5. 9:28/31:08 – Planck's Radiation Formula : S sub v(or nu) = (8 x pi x h) divided by c-cubed times v-cubed divided by the quantity (e to the exponent (hv divided by kt) minus 1.

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  6. Explanation of the Universe.
    The quantum theory of space time gives an answer to the dualism of light. See below.


  7. Dang i shouldve studied physics instead of marketing, i find these themes super interesting, i want to know how life and universe works

  8. Just wondering if I got this right from watching so far. A light wave isn’t really a particle that’s just being seen in motion, like a flying snake, and it becomes a particle, or a ball shape, just as it smashes or bounces on something?

  9. Slit experiment made simple:

    Who observes the obderver?

    Think of the entire mass in the universe is a wave slowed down on time.

    Weather we see it is a mass or we don't see it is a wave.

    But someone would conclude for example how can a person that exists but I do not see is a wave?

    The answer simply is given enough time to decay the person in question made as an example is a wave but in the mean time that energy was slowed down on time temporarily made mass.

    So it is with the entire mass of the universe temporally slowed down on time. For example proton takes 10 in the power of (29) years to decay.

    wow wow wow 😯😮😲

    I'm not a scientist but how do I know all of this to be explained more simple than any science could?

    Here is the answer:

    Knowing some basics God helped me explain but he does it in the simplest way possible without going thru all the details and distinuish es beetwen souls and body mass that is Energy.

    But remember Jesus body never decayed that is why he was God in flesh.

    So next time you call energy light is not true. Rather call energy photons of fire.

    God's words are light and can give birth to enormous explanation to help us understand and increase on knowledge.

    But a fool says in his heart there is no God.

    1 Timothy 6:8
    But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.

  10. All so called physical matter is Energy vibrating at a condensed rate. Nothing is solid but is Energy vibrating. The only reason your hand doesn't go through the table is because the table is vibrating at a similar rate of frequency as your body.

  11. At 11:44 except that 4.136*10**-15 * 7.25*10**14 is not = 3 eV, it's = 2.998600….eV so energy at that wavelength must be an integral multiple of 2.998600….eV so Max Plank's issue is that he was unfortunate enough to be born with 8 fingers and 2 thumbs rather than being born with 2 thumbs and no fingers, so he isn't Master of the binary digital Universe but 2-flipper dolphins are. Goodbye & thanks for all the fish.


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