President Trump delivers remarks at anti-abortion March for Life rally – 1/24/2020


President Donald Trump addresses the March for Life rally on Friday, making him the first sitting president in the event’s 47-year history to attend in person the Washington protest against the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling.

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President Trump delivers remarks at anti-abortion March for Life rally – 1/24/2020


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  1. One million…. fetus = baby. If you honestly studied medicine for 20 years you would understand this. Anyways I am done with this. All I ask is for you to pls get on YT and look up abortion and partial birth abortion….look up Abby Johnson,a prior planned parenthood director now avid pro lifer … we cannot condone the killing of human life, half being females.If you are pro woman you wld be anti abortion

  2. GOD HAS GIVEN US A PRESIDENT THAT STANDS FOR LIFE!!! TO VOTE ANY OTHER WAY IS VOTING FOR EVIL!! THink don't forfeit your soul!! Trump 2020!!🙏🙏❤❤❤

  3. An incredibly powerful speech for life of the born and unborn. America is blessed to have such a champion for life. Trump is a very bold and courageous man and president.

  4. Let us be honest, the Orange one would attend a Nazi rally if he thinks it would get him votes. He has no obvious religious leanings and I doubt if he is against it.

  5. A few facts: Those so called "evangelicals" happen to be taking their daughters to abortion clinics. Yep. And what else are those "supporters of life" doing? They are giving trillions of USA dollars to fake "israel" — for — murder machines — that are used against unarmed people such as the Palestinians. And what else are they doing? They are calling the sick, the poor, the elderly, the disabled and those on hard times — "mooches"!!! That buffoon, Trump, claims he and his lying ilk exhibit "care and compassion"??? REALLY TRUMP??? YOU LIAR. You and your sleezy ilk are trying to politicize "right to life" yet you deny right to life to countless others!! You and your fake christians are DESPICABLE.

  6. DO you really think that this pathologic narcissist is really interested in anti-abortion? HELL NO, like all mob bosses he is using these people as cannon fodder to get reelected. The delusional thinking of the evangelicals is pathologic itself. If these people are so concerned and fanatical about saving lives of unwanted babies then let the trumps take care of them or why not let all those who oppose abortion be given each baby to raise and screw up their lives forever. However, this will never happen since these delusional people are so blinded by what is reality and what is their fictitious god and in this case Trump it makes the situation even worse. Trump is truly the ANTICHRIST.

  7. OMFG people, a fetus is not alive. It's a clump of cells that eventually becomes a baby. Tje difference between a baby and fetus is a fetus doesn't have a conscience, I doesn't think, feel or have any feelings cause it didn't develop a proper brain yet. Another I'm against Anti-abortion is cause woman should have a say if they want or dont want an abortion. I see woman as equal as man, and I'm a man myself. A woman should have an equal amount of rights as men do. Donald trump make safe abortions illegal, is basically saying the only use for women are to get pregnant and basically be slaves to men. And to anyone who is with Donald Trump on this, you are as sexist as Donald himself.

  8. So a woman that's raped should have her assailants baby whether she wants to or not? Hmm interesting.. maybe leave this issue up to women because it's their body and not men's.

  9. Yes! We need a PRO-FAMILY, PRO-LIFE "planet" … thank you President Trump. And thank you for speaking from the heart without cue cards.

  10. The pro choice protesters outside this event contained the usual suspects. There was blue hair, pink hair, overweight and unkept women who for the most part hate men. God forbid males stand up for the sanctity of life. These women are angry and hate their life…. nothing more and nothing less.

  11. Never ever thought I would be congratulating Donald Trump. . I will defend him while he defends the most vunerable human life.

  12. Well Done Mr President speaking out on behalf of the many thousands of unborn children who have a right to life ! We hear so much about the rights of numerous minority groups , sometimes rightfully so , BUT what about the rights of the unborn child ??

  13. Uh oh. Ok ladies, time to cut your ovaries out unless you have the financial means (thousands of dollars) to have a child or you might become a filthy welfare recipient. Rich ppl like Trump dont' have to struggle when they have kids. Good for him!!!

  14. Being pro-life is great but I have questions. Since most of the abortions are done by the poor what do you suggest they do with the child if they cannot abort it? The cost of adoption in the US is so high people are going to other countries to adopt their children. So would you feel better knowing a child born to a poor parent or parents will most likely turn to crime to survive? Most will eventually end up dead or in prison.
    My suggestion is stop spending trillions on making weapons to kill people in other countries and start investing in support systems for the poor so they have a viable choice. But you won't because it's easy to get on your high horse and say your pro-life then do nothing.

  15. Dear leader we are honoured by your glorious statements; you are the greatest dear leader; the only one that can lead the nation to greatness. We thank you for your glorious magnificent leadership.


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