Popcorn Time 1 year anniversary


Pochoclin, our mascot is celebrating his one year anniversary and the release of the iOS app for Non jailbroken devices!!

Help us make this video SUPER viral, Popcorn Time is depended on you all, to keep on growing and get better and stronger!
So share this video everywhere, make it go super viral, and help us get the word out about Popcorn Time at to every single person on the face of this earth!

Popcorn Time’s future is in your hands! 🙂


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  1. For some reason my popcorntime downloads realy slow my down=150MB up= 15MB and in popcorn i get around 20 – 100 KB this is with and without vpn.

  2. Glad to be in kuwait lmao.. I use popcorn, torrents, piratebays and all the shit i want no problems… except for damn porn and some sites they are restricted so i use VPN for those smh


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