Overview: Ezekiel 1-33


Watch our overview video on the first part of the book of Ezekiel, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Among the exiles in Babylon, Ezekiel shows that Israel deserved this judgment, and also that God’s justice creates hope for the future.

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  2. I pray that all the good of Ezekiel 1-33 is all inside and out all that I have not prayed against. I pray that all the evil of Ezekiel 1-33 is all inside and out all that I have prayed against. All in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit amen.

  3. Who thinks god using wheels to move around . This no doubt it’s actually enkie god our creator returning with spacecraft to teach us

  4. People still worship tammuz in the catholic church and by celebrating many popular holidays, like christmas, halloween and valentine's day. Do your research, ask God to guide you in your journey to stay woke. The ways of the world are not the ways of the Lord. Shalom from a Christian in Pennsylvania 🙏

  5. From this year I started reading my Bible in the sense that every word every symbol every detail has a meaning I was reading the book from three days I also referred to other Bible study sources but couldn't get what you just portrayed in 7 and half video
    God bless you and your team

  6. In my honest opinion, I believe that God wanted to teach us a lesson in history. If he judged us the same way he did to the people in the past, all of us would suffer for our sins. I don't take anything God does as a joke. I respect God and I take in his words seriously. I think God ignores alot of sinners nowadays because if he saw the ugliness of sinners today it would get him very angry and we would not like what we see when God punishes sinners. Jesus Christ taught sinners how his father is and it's no laughing matter. God does not like sin and if you think God is evil its because you are living in the flesh and in your sins. Only the holy spirit confesses the name of the Lord and if the truth is not in you than you are already condemned in your sins.

  7. It sounds exactly like a Psychedelic Mushroom Trip. And God even told him to make bread from the excrements of cows, and those excrements are the only place in nature where the magic mushroom fungi can grow naturally

  8. Personal Revelation: Ezekiel get pulled up into the seventh heaven by his hair!! What is this Atrocity???!!!! and proceed to show him the designs of the Tesla roadster shot into space just because some guy think it's cool… The angels of hell might be cast down some time.. and it could be all our communications equipment out in space… We are warding our liberty with the elements and our defiance from it with all our toys and technology.. our trade centers are like horns of defiance.. Just like Babylon was.. Icarus… The plans for a Jerusalem was known to be a failure from what God intended it to be.. He then made Ezekiel demonstrate via tiles.. to mourn over them and to cast them into the fire as futile.. Will we ever get back to a song of songs and a canticle of canticle's.. to have the restorer keep us in harmony and balance?

  9. And a UFO billowing smoke, the ejection seat fires, Ezekiel, sees it. The parachute opens and several drones take off. He never found the pilot.

  10. I agree with the person who speaks about all of us realizing that while God is a God of mercy and love, we must all agree that God does like sin of any God. We can not ignore this!!

  11. Enjoyed the exposition of the Book of Ezekiel. For clarification: Ezekiel was not among the first group to be exiled; that was Daniel and the three Hebrew boys. Ezekiel was a member of the second group to exiled after Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) was deposed by Nebuchadnezzer and replaced by a puppet king, Zedekiah.

  12. I didn't realize that God was so concerned with social justice, especially after it was social justice that got his son nailed to a cross.

  13. How amazing it must have been… to live in ancient Babylonian times and seeing these flaming sky chariots, and living creature pilots, and cherubim, and angels, with your own eyes. Just imagine living alongside these things and seeing and speaking to the so called "Physical manifestation of the presence of God" yourself. Imagine it.

    Of course… knowing what we know now, about civilization and technology. We probably wouldn't be so quick to mistake these flying cities and space-ships for "Gods, demons, or Angels."

  14. you skipped right over chapter 24, where God says he is going to kill Ezekiels wife and he not allowed to mourn her death or feel sad. Why?

  15. Jesus Christ is revealing what is coming to servants prophets those who to him his remnant have a relationship sealed Amos 3:7 joel 2 :28-32 Number 12 :5- John 16 vs 12-15 habakkuk 2:1-3 revelation Ezekiel Jeremiah haggai obadiah exodus Leviticus numbers kings Deuteronomy Joshua joel hoses Isaiah Daniel Elijah tribulation

  16. Thank you lord Jesus master for for speaking your sheep know your voice spending time pray fasting meditation worship quite listening studying Amos 3:7 John 16 :12-15 1 Corinthians 15 chapter 1 Thessalonians 4 :13- the heart of man have gone cool leaders have turned from God nation's have turned from God right now the last days times age God's warth is coming

  17. Can you make this easier to understand? I'm so confused. I'm the person that when I first heard of Job, I thought it meant I was suppose to get a job. That's how bad my biblical understanding is. I'm completely lost. Justice and other frequently used christian words just seize to exist from my vocab. WTH is tyre?


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