1. I was like " No it isn't ……… yes, it is. Sigourney says "What is it with you and fucking fire?" And fire guy says "What is it with you and fucking alien movies?"

  2. I was going to say she reminds me of Sigourney Weaver… and then realised it truly is her. This is great, but Neil Blomkamp is pretty hit and miss imo.

  3. Киномирыча и Кинокоса на вас нет. Отряд спецназа одного супостата завалить не могут, эти "блокираторы гипноза" хоть ремешком каким нибудь к голове прикрепили бы, клише: как всегда есть эгоистичный умник… в общем неудивительно что во вселенной этого кино людей выкосили так. Но снято хорошо конечно, хотя сейчас картинкой трудно удивить, почти все фильмы современные на спецэффектах выезжают.

  4. I had to stop watching after only 10 minutes…OY! In spite of the impressive effects, the sets, appearance of everything, I have many problems with this story. In short, humanity is already circling the drain! The alien conquerors have already won! They are busy turning earth into their planet! The aliens have tech far in advanced of anything the humans have. They also have telepathy to let them control any human they see. What glimmer of hope do the humans have of winning? A small number of the survivors, are fighting back — and that is it. The story is over before it began. I don't see the humans in this story have any chance of winning. Game over! In my opinion, your film is about 20 minutes too long.

    Sorry, I can't watch anymore of this.


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