Nigma vs Fnatic Game 1 of Bo3 | Group Stage | Leipzig Major 2020


DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major
Dates: Jan 18 – 26, 2020
Location: Leipzig – Germany
Prize Pool: $1.000,000 USD
– Fifteen Teams from Regional Qualifiers
– At least two teams from each region
– One team as champion of WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020
Group Stage: – January 18th-19th
– Four GSL groups
– All games are Bo3
– Top two teams advance to the Upper Bracket of the playoffs
– Bottom two teams advance to the Lower Bracket of the playoffs
Playoffs: – January 21st-26th
– Double elimination bracket
– Final three days will be in front of a live crowd.
– First round of the Lower Bracket are Bo1
– All other games are Bo3
– Bo5 Grand Finals


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  1. Man ET is just way too strong against Agi carries in the lategame… Just watch the last HG push at around 1:07:00… Medusa gets initiated on by pl, has full hp/mana and pops bkb. No Mana but can still fight/stay alive (with the lifesteal from Vlad's you can see her health going down to ~80% but instantly going back to 100) but as soon as ET comes into range and removes her base armor (she then had +3 armor from Vlad's) she just gets shredded by pl with a crit for I think ~1.3k…


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