NBA Players and Teams Tributes / Reactions To Kobe Bryants Death | 1/26/20


RIP Kobe.

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  1. FYI: I didn’t put any ads on this video. This video got claimed by third party’s like the NBA and if you see an ad it is because they put it there.
    Edit: sorry for title being on the second half of the vid aswell. that was a complete glitch from my editing software and there is no way that should have happened once the video rendered.

  2. Last month I was just thinking about the day mj or Kobe would pass. I knew these would be sad days but for it to come so sudden and early makes everything harder. It's crazy how someone you've never said a word to can impact you to become the person you are. Thank you Kobe. We all love you and you will forever be missed.

  3. As a fan of an opposing team, I hated watching Kobe killed my team over and over again but there was deep respect for him. Kobe may have left to a better place, his legacy will live on forever! R.I.P Kobe and those who perished with him.

  4. Turns out, it's actually just #fakenews

    Fake news is all over the web these days. First the Wuhan Virus, now it's Kobe Bryant. What's that? Kobe was actually seeking treatment for the coronavirus. Sadly, he lost in his battle against the deadly china virus.

  5. Some of us do t even watch or play or fuck with basket ball like that but god dam this shit hits different when juice WRLD died I actually listened to his music but I really and sadly tbh didn’t care much but I don’t even play basket ball and this shit hurts and in honor of him….🗑☄️Kobe 😔

  6. For now on, when you guys shoot paper in the trashcan or even shoot your shot in the hoop. Its nomore "KOBE" its "FOR KOBE"
    Ride in paradise.

  7. My childhood hero. 8 year old me:
    Dad: “what do you want to do when you grow up?”
    Me: “I want to play for the lakers with Kobe before he retires”
    😭😭😭 Rip Kobe

  8. If you in tears like me here 😢😭 plz like this video so I know I’m not the only one. And watch his highlights career video here

  9. I was wishing to watch Shaq's reaction. I know these two had beef and shag trolls a lot but they had it going when they were rolling for how many years they did.

  10. RIP Kobe for ever the great black mamba but also RIP to his daughter 2020 be kind to us this hurt to much it cant be true wake me up when January ends


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