[MV] SURAN(수란) _ 1+1=0 (Feat. DEAN)


[MV] SURAN(수란) _ 1+1=0 (Feat. DEAN)

*English subtitles are now available. 😀
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  1. 와와와 수란 딘 최고의조합 진짜 찬양합니다 수란님★★★♥♥와앙 채고!!채고!!! 폴짝 와 대박 개좋다

  2. This video is sooo relatable. I am currently in this same exact position. Coming to work everyday at a meaningless job, doing the same mind-numbing tasks over and over, the higher ups are never satisfied but they don't do their jobs so the work piles back on people below them like me, boring petty water cooler talk from coworkers trying to get useless gossip and/or pass time, going home and feeling too drained and dead to do anything I actually want.

    If you guys are still young, please enjoy your time and live life to the fullest. Don't grow up too fast, real adulting is depressing sometimes.

  3. 사회생활 하고나서 다𓂻𓂭 들으니까 진짜 가사 취적…. 이런 노래 많이⃕ 나오면좋겠습니다…😢❤️


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