Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel – Official Trailer


Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.

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  1. dear marvel, you guys have FORGOTTEN something, the VOLATILITY that brought about shield. Also, I have a human body, mostly, with feelings etc, I know I have more, err, HARDWARE than your regular human. yes, I have some toy models of nuclear reactors, space stations, a wide array of planets, sci fi, fantasy and a very extended library of other oddball things that normal people dont have. yes, I truth to be told I am a lot more flexible and have some new variations of things. Also just because some things are presumed missing, aint mean they are gone. Am a live thank you. Being portrayed as a fightjet is a bit lame. And whilst holo projections are all the rage when your face is unknown to most people id like to you know show my unlovable comic-relief on tv/bigscren anyway. PS: legal protections was; ambassadorial status, navy seals and ? I am still fairly furious at the fact that I was technically convicted of things that can by some systems be called crimes. Yet the issue at hand that was given zilch consideration was the fact that for my part the voluntary factor was next to zero.

    also please help me remember missing data on file I keep marked "avatars" , like in avatar of human rights abuse, avatar of the shugar drink, company avatars, avatar of the industrial revolution (boss guy in dead like me), computer game avatar? comic book avatar? I dont have the files, they might be that the FIVE end of me, but topside its fuzzy.

  2. This is just an average movie. Could've been better. Brie Larson does not have a likeable personality here, as well.

  3. I remember watching this backstage during my schools fall play, and getting yelled at for screaming cause I was so excited

  4. I had seen some of the earlier scene, who the f—k is their cinematographer? Their framing sucks, boring and feels like a chore than exciting. I had seen amateur cinematography from Nigeria way better for a lot less!

  5. Didn't they start using the name SHIELD only from 2010? Before that, they introduced themselves with the full name.This is 1995 and they already use that name. Maybe they used it first, then gave it up and then started using it again?


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