Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008


Lecture 1: Goals of the course; what is computation; introduction to data types, operators, and variables
Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag
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  1. Computer science (theory and math research scientist) cis(database and info) computer engineering (os and hardware design like cpu) colleges waste of time and money…keep theory online and books…software development software engineering web design layout web development computer hardware layout design and programming need to stay current technology applied taught at college not theory tests write essays and outdated info so professor and ta have jobs…they have jobs you not guaranteed a job with useless degree.

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  3. anyone who has to shout and repeat a basic platitude, probably isn't a very good teacher

    attention and interest should be created by the topic and quality of teaching…… not aggression as placebo stimulus

  4. This lecture reminds me of the famous quote from Richard Hamming, the well known mathematician and numerical analyst: "The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers."

  5. Every university lecture you start like this. Inexperienced does not equal inadequate. He try to get the 'know it all-ers' out of his class from day one.

  6. I torrented all the course material and the psets associated with the lectures are great but I don't believe the lectures prepare the students at all to write the programs but then again it's a high level intro to computer science class and I believe there is presumably a lot of time that students have to take to make that leap to understand the material.


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