King Solomon's Mines | 2004 Adventure | Patrick Swayze | PART 1


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An adventurous quest for a treasure hidden in King Solomon’s mines, based on H. Rider Haggard’s timeless tale. Starring Patrick Swayze.

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  1. 35:40 'according to biblical accounts' haha yeah, it's definitely written in the victorian time when people saw the Bible as a true account of genesis and history. But many such adventure stories are like that for instance Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, so let's ride on. (though I don't believe the historian's and archeologists story of pre-bronze age is any better, seen the megalithic ruins scattered globally and their 'repair-work' being from inferior quality, showing a regression in civilization, which contradicts the entire 'civilization began in Ur; Sumer' stuff where people invented agriculture and before were dumb stupid apes with hunter gatherers mentality).

  2. This revives the dream of once shooting an elephant doublet of a cow elephant and a large male. but too expensive for now. Good movie, thanks.

  3. When they're chasing the cheetah off you can see the trainer behind the bush duck down love Patrick Swayze as an actor but this is got to be one of the worst and cheapest movies he's ever done

  4. All the elephant murders right at the start of this movie totally put me off. I didn't get through even six minutes of it regardless of how much I liked Patrick Swazye 🙁

  5. oh wow true gold. 25:13 Horse dick for the win. also never seen a witchdoctor stare pain into someone and the victim look legit, and Ive played alotta Diablo.
    I watched at 1.25speed. Thanks for great upload.

  6. I saw the original 1950 version as a kid. Unforgettable. The chanting of the porters has stayed with me all these years. Patrick Swayze was great in what he did.

  7. The thought you said at 01:20:00 about Queen Sheba is wrong ,we already aproved ,she was the Queen of Ethiopia and the horn of Africa as well as Yemen ,you moved on the wrong place and you tried to inforce to dismiss the real history

  8. This is a great movie and worth watching! Don't let the negative comments keep you from watching. The only thing I found funny was when Quartermane asked her if she had sufficient safari clothing, and she said yes. I'll let you be the judge of that lol.

    I do miss Patrick Swayze! I've seen every movie he was in. He was a great family man. He seemed to be a kind and good person. R.I.P.


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