John Berger / Ways of Seeing , Episode 1 (1972)


A BAFTA award-winning BBC series with John Berger, which rapidly became regarded as one of the most influential art programmes ever made. In the first programme, Berger examines the impact of photography on our appreciation of art from the past.

Ways of Seeing is a 1972 BBC four-part television series of 30-minute films created chiefly by writer John Berger and producer Mike Dibb. Berger’s scripts were adapted into a book of the same name. The series and book criticize traditional Western cultural aesthetics by raising questions about hidden ideologies in visual images. The series is partially a response to Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation series, which represents a more traditionalist view of the Western artistic and cultural canon.


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  1. dude everyone is saying hes watching this cuz of school, but in watching cuz i cant say R rhoticsm and on wikipedia they said this guy had rhoticsm too YEAH ORIGINAL

  2. They are not surrounded by gilt frames, but by the familiarity of youtube in dark mode and the thumbnails of your recommends.

  3. Berger's description of how Art Experts try to control the interpretation of art is amazingly similar to how the established churches used to preserve their exclusive right to interpret the bible by keeping it inaccessible. You were read the parts they felt were important, and were told what they meant, and everyone ignored the parts that made no sense in that interpretation.

    Also how Fox News operates.

  4. Interesting that "the images coming to you, instead of you going to them" can have a large impact of the way we interpret art and even the creation of art.

  5. I'm here because I want to be, after coming across multiple references to this programme in books, radio, etc. Impressed that this went on TV at a time when there were only (I think) three channels to watch? High quality programming back in the day!

  6. Mass propaganda, one the deadliest tools, that came about thanks to image reproduction. Fascism wouldn't have been possible without propaganda, manipulating people with a narrative and fake presentation of history has always been a tactic of fascist regimes. John Berger was a Marxist and he absolutely knows, that fascism is lurking out there still, though funnily enough, our own governments which we ever so often hold dear have also used propaganda tools on us in order to do its bidding, and even resorted to violence against its own citizens, while waging literal wars in other people's countries

  7. Anyone with a reflection paper on this vid kindly reply the gdrive link. By doing so, you will save a sleepy student from a can of redbull

  8. "I hope you will consider what I arrange, and be skeptical of it."

    Now in our modern age with tech everywhere, this tip is more relevant than ever

  9. I got here via story about the podcast Ways of Hearing.

    This is one of the most profound things Ive ever seen… and I havent got to the rest of the series yet!

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