Inside Wolves: Wolves 1-2 Liverpool | TUNNEL CAM at Molineux


Watch the unseen footage from Molineux Stadium as Roberto Firmino’s late strike, after Jordan Henderson opened the scoring, continues the Reds’ remarkable run in the Premier League.

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  1. It was a smart goal to unlock them. Bobby’s dummy to salah; salah taking a few wolves with him and Jordan intervening to pass to bobby who’d made himself available again

  2. ❤️❤️ This team 😍 This manager ❤️ This Captain … Does anyone else watch these videos and other LFC moments and just feel emotional? So proud of this team.

  3. Salah this season 15 goals 7 assists
    Mane this season 13 goals 7 assists
    Fermino this season 10 goals
    4 assists
    Than who is selfish???

  4. The gaffer has to blast out at Mo for his selfishness for this game. We had chances to finish the game of if not for his selfish self. Mane Minamino chambo and Bobby was victims of it.

  5. Right after the game Firmino and Allison talking about Salah not passing lol. Probly not but man hes gotta start passing for easy goals gonna need em in CL.


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