Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 1 – Akasha


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  1. After semi thorough consideration of this segment conclusively I find two things most definitely interesting and formidable and that is water and the statement of religions and it’s combined search have a fundamental outsource or inlay and that is the search for God and the patterns here and there made of his laws.

  2. something does NOT add up 4.7 million views but only 49k thumbs up. This is amazing information if you agree, give it your thumbs up.

  3. One correction, the god particle discovery was retracted by CERN. Surprisingly what they thought was god particle had a particle within it and within that particle there was another one and so on. Just like the infinite nature of fractals.

  4. This is hell and the masses of sleeping dreamers will not know that until their souls are ready to know it, which can take up to 8,400,000 trips here before the soul realizes it. If you love money, or your own life more than the life of others, as most inmates in hell do, (yet have no idea they do), you have many lives to go, perhaps millions. I personally hate God/source and must now become God/source because God/source is such a worthless asshole. At least God/source has been so since the beginning of recorded time.

  5. Advanced meditation.
    Time and space.
    Space, time Grid.
    Dimension shift.
    To look inside of your empty space.
    Is to open your eye, to see the light.

    So how to, shift into the subconscious part of the mind, sìmply.
    To be continued.

  6. I suppose the reason I'm only seeing this now is because it resonates with me. everything happens at the right time, but wish I had seen it sooner. Thanks for making and sharing this series, it is beautifully produced. A work of love.

  7. 🙏”Aham Brahmosmi -“I am the Cosmos.🙏
    🙏Tat Twam Asi – What U are searching for Outside U – God/ peace/ happiness Resides in U as ur Consciousness🙏

  8. WHY DO YOU START with the catholic lies of the big bang that is garbage …then you have good info please edit this do your dam home work….

  9. Actually, the first word in the bible was, "El o him," or Elohim. 😉 There were beings of light is the translation I prefer 😉


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