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Join us live as Eliud Kipchoge attempts to break the last barrier in modern athletics…the 2 hour marathon.

Eliud wants to inspire others to believe they can overcome their own personal barriers. He believes that #NoHumanIsLimited.


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No Human Is Limited:

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  1. The subtitles are really bad. Really bad. In the interview I read he was a taliban and he´d kill his children. Correct that for the sake of history.

  2. I dare anyone to get on a treadmill and set it to 4.34 per mile at about 13 mph and keep that pace for 26 miles……absolutely insane

  3. i have a feeling the pace makers slowed him down. he looked relaxed and fit. looks like they are jogging. we thank our neighbours Ethiopia, esp Karega for being there for our son, INEOS, thanks for having faith in Eliud and supporting him to achieve his dream, our deputy president, William Ruto for leading Kenyans in Vienna and our president, for praying and blessing Eliud before the race. He is an inspiration

  4. The fact he and his whole team made this look like a jog, when you look at the crowd and realize you don't get this man running past you but a second or two and for damn near 2 hours straight?! Oof.

  5. Watching eliud run behind. I though he was slow and was confused. Until the madman accelerated at the 1:58:10 (3:00:00) mark and just left the others in the dust

  6. A month later and I still can't stop watching this. Tears in my eyes. He truly is a G.O.A.T!!!! Bless you Kipchoge. BLESS YOU!!!


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