IMT vs FLY | Week 1 | LCS Spring Split | Immortals vs. FlyQuest (2020)


VOD of Immortals vs FlyQuest
LCS Spring Split 2020

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  1. 58:37 "2020 LCS Summer" Huh…. Did NA suddenly shift to the southern hemisphere? Also noticed in a different game today when explaining Infernal buff, they typed out "tirgerrs" instead of "triggers" and all I could think of was goddammit this sure triggers me with all the spelling/grammar issues ><.
    Also is it just me or is anyone else not a fan of the new look? Like the random white area surrounding the scoreboard, the team colors being on the lower left and lower right sides of the screen next to LCS and the minimap, and they don't show current champ in the lower left like they used to anymore. Sometimes it'd be nice to see what was being maxed first, as well as other little info like how many stacks a draven or veigar has. Hopefully they polish some of this stuff up since it was day 1.


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