Houston explosion: 1 person remains "unaccounted" for, say authorities


A massive explosion at a manufacturing building ripped through a Houston neighbourhood early Friday morning, injuring several people and damaging homes while sending out blast waves detected for miles around, officials and media said.

One employee was unaccounted for, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said during a press conference. The person is said to be an employee of the company. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. How come THIS IS THE FIRST I HAVE HEARD OF THIS…All day Friday..it been impeachment …impeachment….Trump Bad…all morning NOT ONE SINGLE BREAKING NEWS ALERT…HATE THE DAM SOCIALIST MEDIA…

  2. WoW !en Español Importante información traducida por altos jefes de la autoridad in Houston! Veinte años atrás nunca hubiera existido traduccion por las autoridades de está importante ciudad! Impresionante! Y saber que la comunidad latina es la más trabajadora! Bien hecho .!

  3. This place is 12 mins drive from my apartment. I was staying up late all night and I heard what it sound like a explosion. My window and the floor shook, waking up my dog and my older brother. This is crazy it happen here so far away.

  4. Could be some sort of a shadow war going on behind the scenes. The warehouse could also be just a front for storing questionable things.

  5. So we had a video sort of with our camera but it was a few miles away so imagine a huge flash of light followed about 20 seconds later by the loudest boom, one that gets you up, and then silence. My prayers to the poor souls who were killed/injured/effected by this. I’m just glad I was far enough away

  6. Greetings from the Ozarks of northwestern Arkansas! I was raised in the Houston area, lived in or near Pasadena most of that time, and explosions were fairly common within sight of places where I lived.

  7. Why do spanish get their own 'media'? why not the million other languages spoken. Do we have a national language or don't we? Learn english or GTFO!

  8. And who said propane wasn't safe, nobody even got hurt, there all still able to work for the American dream, the only problem is that's all it is is just a dream, this isn't living, this is only surviving, and barely at that


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