HIGHLIGHTS | UD Ibiza 1 – 2 FC Barcelona


Antoine Griezmann’s double gives Barça a come-from-behind win in the Copa del Rey away at UD Ibiza.

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  1. @Green Angel  the only players that must be kept are stegen, samedo, todibo, ronald araujo, de jong, puig, fati, messi and griezman, the rest huge gap of the first and reserves team should be sold and immedatly replaced without any exception. I should have let barca go a decade ago since they stopped giving a fuck about their fans and clubs future and not a year ago becouse i cant support a team that doesnt care for this long and consiously accepts to be losers, i cant stand their lack of seriousness and their intentions to destroy fans feelings. Also a club that keeps shit players doesnt appreaciate quality players can fuck off becouse i dont have nerves of steel. This club cant change without being revolted or shamed by their people, its one or the other, they must listen to us becouse this period of disasters has also been the period they lost a lot of loyal fans. The whole board and almost the whole reserves team and first team need to be sold and replaced once and for a loong time. If your wondering, its not negativity, im reasonably fed up just like millions of other ex barca fans.

  2. This coach will bring barca further down the raod of destruction. Mark my words.
    This coach was what? 5th choice? He will fail

  3. Es verdad no fue un buen partido, pero es horrible lo que la prensa está haciendo con Setien, que escándalo horrible y la verdad ni con lo de Roma y Anfield se trató tan mal a Valverde, se nota la mala leche, van a por ti Quique. Pero el barcelonismo de verdad te cree..visca el barca

  4. it was amazing, many players are absent and barca still win.. we're noticing a big difference after valverde went.. with him without messi we can't win, with setien without messi, suarez, pique, busquets, and without 4-3-3, also not on camp nou and we still win


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