HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 2-1 NORWICH CITY | Dele and Son seal Norwich win


Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 Premier League win over Norwich City.

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  1. اللهم ارزق من شاف تعليقي وطاني 👍 لايگ ❤🌿

    1 الصبر 😷🌿

    2 راحت البال👸🌿

    3 النجاح 😍🌿

    4 الزواج 💍🌿

    5 العافيه 😘🌿

    6 يحفضلي امي ابوي 👸🌿

    7 وظيفه مرتبه ❤🌿

    امين يارب العالمين 😻😻🌿

    اتمنئ تدعموني بلايك واشتراك فديتكم 😳 /💚

  2. I wanted Kane to be the undisputed captain but honestly we’ve always been at our best with Hugo as skip. Second half when he came to claim a corner way out, it just showed what we were missing. Moments like that kill opponents momentum. Gazza was immense but I’d pick Hugo every time. #COYS

  3. There were some weirdly pessimistic reviews of our performance in this game, but I didn’t think we were that bad at all really. Norwich may be bottom, but they will always give you a game and, other than about 15min in the 2nd half, we were clearly on top. A lack of a proper striker was evident still, but generally speaking this was much better. Lo Celso is starting to look the part now, and the quicker we get rid of Eriksen, the better. Sessegnon was the only real let down, but he’s still very young and I’ve never been convinced about him as a LB. I understand that our recent struggles have gotten everyone a little negative but this has been a really tough season, with Pochettino letting things slip, really bad injuries to our biggest players, new signings taking time to settle and so on. Nevertheless, things were going pretty well for Jose up until that Chelsea game. Some fans seem to have forgotten that Burnley performance very quickly and just what we’re capable of under Jose (yes, it was “only Burnley” but you still have to beat them and when we lose to the likes of Southampton nobody says then “only Southampton”, do they? Not to mention Burnley beat Man Utd 2-0 last night 😂!). We really need to get behind our team, we’re still in a good position to make this into a decent season despite all our woes.

  4. As a Korean, I think Son deserves ballon d'or this season because Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi>Ronaldo>Neymar>Mbappe>Hazard and rest of them are trash


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