Hard Fought Victory Sees Spurs Through | Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Middlesbrough | Emirates FA Cup 19/20


Tottenham’s two early goals from Giovani Le Celso and Erik Lamela was enough to see them through to the Fourth Round, where they will face Southampton.

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  1. Spurs do have quality Lucas Moura, Heung Sung Min, Harry Kane, Jan Vertoghen, Cristian Eriksen one of my favourite players at Spurs is Harry Kane without a doubt he knows where the net is and a proud England captain if I bought an England shirt well my shirt would say Kane on the back same with the home Shirt Kane

  2. Even with Micky Mouse Boro defending, Spurs struggled to get through. And stuff this 'Emirates' BS … why should English football be sold to Islamists?

  3. keeper should of done better for the Middlesbrough goal but you can blame the defenders for backing off and allowing the him to get closer for the shot


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